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CONCERT: The Tavria Games. The Tavria Games – a much‑loved and long‑awaited event on Ukraine’s rock calendar. One of the few big outdoor concert events of the year, it’s more than just music: the Games offer a sailing regatta, auto‑racing, the Golden Barrel beer‑drinking championship and a beauty pageant, to give you an idea. But music remains the real draw. On the main stage will be Green Grey, Skryabin, Ani Lorak and Okean Elzy, as well as foreign guests Liapis Trubetskoy (Belarus) and Captain Jack (Germany). New this year is the day stage, for young and lesser‑known bands such as Sbey pepelS, Coma, Quadragessima and others the chance to perform. Not in Kakhovka for the weekend? Street TV will set up a huge screen at Kontraktova Ploshcha for Kyivans to enjoy the Games live via satellite. Kakhovka (Kherson Oblast) and Kontraktova Ploshcha. Fri., May 2 and Sat., May 3, 6 p.m.

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RACING: European Motocross Championship. Forty of the best European motocross riders in the 500 cc category will gather in Chernivtsi to ride for the championship for the first time on Ukrainian soil. During the two 40 minute final rounds, riders will have to master 40 jumps and 20 steep turns located along the two‑kilometer route, all at speeds of up to 90 kph. To make sure the event is up to snuff, the course has been officially licensed by the International Motorcycling Federation. Chernivtsi (Chernivtsi Oblast). For more information, please contact the Motorcycling Federation of Ukraine at 241‑6612. Sat., May 10 and Sun., May 11. TBA.


THEATER: “The Blue Bird.” A famous play by Maurice Maeterlinck is not a rare occurrence on the theater stage. This time it’s not a contemporary interpretation of the original but the choice of actors who really take it beyond the ordinary. The children of Kyiv Orphanage #21, guided by Molody Theater staff and renowned Ukrainian stage director Yevhen Kurman, have designed a general conception of the play, costumes, sets, prepared music and light accompaniment and will perform together with Molody Theater actors Hanna Roztalna and Oleksand Bezsmertny. An hour long, Maeterlinck’s play narrating the fascinating story of a child in search of the Blue Bird, a symbol for happiness, will be a delight for both children and adults alike. The performance is preceded by master classes in origami, paintings and module sculpture for the audience. Youth Spectator Theater (15/17 Lypska, 293‑6219). Sun., May 4, noon; Tue., May 6, 11 a.m.; Tue., May 20, 11 p.m.; Fri., June 6, noon.



Holy musicals! The 2000 version of the rock‑opera “Jesus Christ Superstar” will be showing on Enter TV on May 4. (www.musicalstages.co.uk)

MUSICAL: Jesus Christ Superstar (2000). The first movie version of the famous rock‑opera appeared in 1973, very much resembling the staged original. Now, 30 years later, the Broadway premiere presented by Gail Edwards and Nick Morris has created a new, rocking version. The story is still the last 10 days in the life of Jesus as seen through Judas’s eyes. Only this time, Jesus is no longer the weepy‑eyed laid‑back Ted Neely, but an athletic Glenn Carter with golden locks who portrays the Christ figure as a real star among adoring fans who arrives without respect or sympathy at first. The actors are dressed in jeans, t‑shorts with Che Guevara effigies and black leather jackets. The decorations resemble ancient temples with walls generously decorated with graffiti. For the faithful the film should not be taken seriously. Just sit back and enjoy the great music and performances. Enter TV. Sun., May 4, 6 p.m.



CLUBS: Fashion TV Party. Past big parties at Planeta Sport have hardly been memorable. So, in order to revive some past fame, and near the end of the indoor clubbing season, the bar has decided to bring up revel in the era of nostalgia with a May Day holiday party. DJs Pavlov and Fun2Mass will spin records to go with Fashion TV, doing so together with live percussion by Gurt Yo’Gurt. Set to be more than the ubiquitous house music, surely. And don’t forget to be uber‑fashionable. Planeta Sport (3 Bohdana Khmelnytskoho, 229‑7929). Fri.,


May 1, 11 p.m. Tickets Hr 30.

CONCERT: Grazhdanskaya Oborona (Civil Defense). The leader of the band, Yegor Letov, though no spring chicken, is still full of strength and wishes to be a popular revolutionary hero of Russian punk. But to have power over people’s minds, any creative union needs three components: music, lyrics and ideology (G.O. leaves something to be desired in the lattermost). But for Letov music seems a good way of popularizing ideas. He was a revolutionary when it was cool to be so, but with those times gone, he’s been left on the outside looking in. However, judging from the number of teens that flock to his concerts, it’s hard to say whether they share his political views or simply are fed up with pop‑idols that never say or do exactly what they say they will. University of Civil Aviation (1 Komarova, 246‑6320). Tue., May 6, 7 p.m. Tickets Hr 30 to Hr 40.

CONCERT: Airplane. This band from Kryvy Rih appeared a couple of years ago with a video and the single “Distance,” and then followed with an album of the same name. Although it didn’t make a splash, the disc was notable for some good melodies and a Brit‑pop sound with a touch of fashionable alt‑pop. Soon Airplane disappeared and was all but forgotten. With the band having resurfaced after three years in the dark, few can say what was going on with Airplane during this time, but one thing is clear – the band is indeed back. The band intends to begin playing some acoustic club concerts as a duo of a vocalist Oleg Stepanchenko and guitarist Konstantin Tkachenko, who also does back‑up vocals. Stoned Baboon (39 Bohdana Khmelnytskoho, 234‑1503). Fri., May 2, 8 p.m. Tickets Hr 15.

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