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William Spillman
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It is clear now that little Putin does not care how many of his own Russian soldiers he kills, how many Ukranian soldiers he kills, and he exults in the innocent civilian people in Ukraine that he kills. All he cares about is whether he wins, which is equivalent to whether he manages to hold onto power, rather than being thrown out a window by one of his former lackeys. Putin has a severe and debilitating mental illness, but saying that does not do the rest of the world any good. Now he is attacking the grain ships and shipyards that would supply desperately needed food to the fools in Africa who steadfastly continue to support him. They will all line up dutifully and blame the West, but that only exposes their utter stupidity. Putin is a cancer upon humanity. The sooner he shrivels up, or is murdered, or dies of a disease, the better. There is nothing positive about him, and the only thing he leaves behind is an object lesson about what happens to those who choose evil as a vocation. All hail the little Putin, a terrible leader in the great tradition of terrible Russian leaders. Meanwhile, the peasants suffer and die as usual.