A former jam factory in Lviv has been revitalised and relaunched as a contemporary art hub.

Eight years of work have gone into the project which will act as a “space for meeting, learning, discussing, and sharing experiences.”

The Jam Factory Art Center will host exhibitions, theatrical and musical performances, and educational events, Ukrinform reports.

In a statement, the centre wrote: “The idea to establish a new cultural center in Lviv was conceived back in 2015, when philanthropist, cultural entrepreneur and historian Dr. Harald Binder decided to revitalize the former Jam Factory by establishing a contemporary art center in its premises.

“After in-depth research and preparation, Dr. Binder allocated significant funding for the further development of the project.”


Dr. Binder highlighted that serious restoration work has been required to make the project work and to ensure the character of the building.

“We wanted to open last year, but we couldn't do it because of the big war,” he said.

“But we are doing it now, because this is a unique project for Lviv and Ukraine in general.

“We don't want to be perceived as a museum or an exhibition hall, we want to be space for meeting, learning, discussing, and sharing experiences.”

The complex consists of six separate spaces with an area of almost 3,500 square meters.

The space has several special parts to it, including a theater for performative practices, numerous exhibition halls, some of which function in a solid bomb shelter, a parking lot with a solar-panel roof, a black cube serving as a multifunctional space for various events, Jam Cafe, and three terraces.

A smart home system allows to control lights and sound from a tablet.

The Jam Factory building boasting a neo-Gothic facade has been registered as a landmark of local importance. It was erected in 1872.

After World War 2, the factory imported wines from Moldova and other parts of the USSR before being transformed into a fruit and vegetable processing plant in 1970.


The facility was shut down in the 1990s. Since 2008, the building has hosted various art events on a temporary basis.

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