Hungary urged on Monday a tamping down of speculation over whether Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who's had repeated run-ins with the EU, could end up temporarily helming one of the bloc's key bodies.

European Council President Charles Michel unexpectedly announced Sunday that he would step down early to stand in the European Parliament elections scheduled for June.

Because Hungary will hold the EU's rotating six-month presidency from July, the bloc's current rules mean Orban could serve as temporary head if members don't manage to agree on Michel's permanent replacement. 

“To all those voices wondering whether Prime Minister Viktor Orban could serve as an interim President of the European Council, should the European Council President become an MEP: Let's preserve our strategic calmness,” Hungarian government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs wrote on X.


The Hungarian leader previously said “strategic calmness” means to “speak little, but then do it in a precise, responsible manner.”

Orban, already in a fight with Brussels over billions of euros in frozen EU funding to develop his own economy and the EU leader closest to Moscow, has stood in the way of a new funding package for Ukraine.

Regarding the possibility of Orban being temporary Council president, Michel noted that current procedures could be “changed by a simple majority” vote.

“There are many tools if there would be the political will to avoid Viktor Orban,” said the Belgian politician on Sunday as he defended his decision to quit early.

The 48-year-old former Belgian prime minister has been organizing EU summits and government meetings since 2019.

Michel said he will remain as the council president until he is sworn in as a European parliament deputy, which is scheduled for July 16.

Hungary is due to take over the rotating presidency of the 27-member group from July 1.

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Orban as European Council President??? What a fucking disaster. This Putin loving clown doesn't even belong in the EU or NATO either. He should be removed from both. He is a Putin suck ass and is not pro democracy. Hungary needs to go as does any other country that is not fully a democracy or is in constant conflict with the rest of the EU or NATO. While they are at it also remove Turkey from both the EU and NATO as they are just as bad as Orban's Hungary. Both these assholes leading these countries are Putin light and should not be considered as friends of democracy but rather enemies.

Boris Johnson
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@Lobo, Orban would do a better job than any of the pieces of shit in the EU leadership today. So go fuck yourself you stupid motherfucker and move to North Korea.
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As an innovator in many ways, I'm interested in seeing how the EU will be able to solve the same dire political issue faced by the USA currently. Stopping a far right / left putin plant before they can sell out a democracy to a dictator.

It seems the UE's charter at least has those "Article 7" clauses to somewhat sideline putin buddy Orban. Still the USA had numerous tools to deal with indicted insurrectionist candidate's running for president, and look where that mess is a SCOTUS stacked with that same insurrectionist's cronies during his unfortunate single term reign as an elected leader (albeit russia meddled in that election too support him)

...."jack griffin; the MRGA / MAGA paid troll where are you? Responding to my message above will give you a chance to earn a ruble.

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@John, opps typo above. Should say "EU's Charter"
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@John, the problem in the USA is the crazy notion a person can be President while in jail!!! Also the complete lack of "no one is above the law" which is not an accepted value. The fact a President in the US can commit any crime he wants nothing will be done about it! As Republicans are the Putin Party now.

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@Gregc, I'm sure the decent majority of Americans are cringing at the deep scars the MRGA/ MAGA cult has been able to inflict against the USA both internally and internationally. Historic rights and institutions established centuries ago were unprepared for the rapidly escalated abuse they now face. The examples you cite are alarming.

I read elsewhere today that 6 separate GOP State Party's are now facing bankruptcy. The list included Michigan, Arizona, Florida, Colorado, Minnesota, Florida and Massachusetts. Perhaps the larger corporate donors and GOP moderates are wising up to the fact that their party is being used to destabilize their nation. Perhaps as well allied sanctions against russia are working and MAGAs funding bucket is near empty.
Zig zag
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@Gregc, a pedo can be president too, you dumb fuck. LGB