Ukraine’s military has released footage appearing to show Russian soldiers shooting themselves dead during fighting.

In the 9-second clip, three Russian soldiers are seen beside an infantry fighting vehicle (BMP). Two lie down, while one sits in the middle.

At the sixth second, the soldier on the left fires a shot, followed by two shots from the soldier on the right.

The video was released by Ukrainian operational command “Zahid” which claimed it is “not the first case of suicide by the occupiers.”

The command did not specify the location of the incident or the fate of the third Russian soldier.

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While Kyiv Post could not independently verify the video's authenticity, Verkhovna Rada deputy Oleksiy Honcharenko reposted the Zahid command's publication on his Telegram channel.


In the comments section, commentators expressed little sympathy for the soldiers. One person wrote: “And was it necessary for them to go to Ukraine?”

Another said: “So they couldn't shoot themselves at home? It was necessary to come to Ukraine?”

Another commentator asked: “why they don't surrender,” adding: “Shouldn't the instinct of self-preservation kick in?”

Clues to the answer can be found in the testimony of Russian POWs interviewed last year by Kyiv Post.

One man said he was told by his commanders that it's better to use a grenade to kill himself and any enemies approaching rather than surrender and face “torture.”

Ukraine Urgently Needs Western Aid to Hold Back Russians
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Ukraine Urgently Needs Western Aid to Hold Back Russians

In 2024, Ukraine has no choice but to keep fighting for survival. It requires a steady supply of Western assistance to counter the Russian offensive fueled by ramped-up military production.

At the end of the summer of 2023, Andriy Yusov, the representative of the Main Directorate of Intelligence (HUR) of the Ministry of Defense, stated a significant increase in suicides among Russian military personnel, especially officers, following the onset of the full-scale Russian-Ukrainian war.

“The number of suicides among the Russian military, including officers, increased significantly after the full-scale invasion. Some of them may be related to fears that the Ukrainian military will catch up with them," stressed the representative of the HUR.


He assured that Ukraine is ready to accept those Russians who do not want to carry out criminal orders and surrender—from privates to generals and commanders—within the framework of the ‘I want to live’ (Я хочу жить) project.

“We guarantee the treatment (of those who surrendered, - ed.) in accordance with the Geneva Conventions and international humanitarian law, despite the fact that we are talking about murderers and aggressors,” Yusov said.

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The special military operation could not have gone worse if they had tried on purpose to screw it up. We all know how badly this has ruined Russia in every possible way.

I think Putin might stage a public assassination of his body double, get plastic surgery and live in secret exile in China.

Patruschev takes over and declares the war over. The world celebrates, however he would keep the budget plan for the military and rebuild Russian forces for an inevitable second attempt in a few years.

We need to start looking at regime change in Russia as an objective. If it was a small African nation we would do it already - only because its Russia are we following international rules whilst they do not.
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Its high time that Russia should hit back so Zelensky have to think twice before attacking Russian soil with his Nazi style functioning.Otherwise Americans and west will encourage Zelensky with more lethal weapons and technology that can hit Russia and will make it an Habbit.

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North Cornwall
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@Janovich, sorry ? who did the attacking ? sure as eggs are eggs , it wasn't Ukraine.
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Richard Barboza
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I think it’s closer to the truth that Russian soldiers fear torture by their own country,when they get swapped. Or it could be that the Russians have a guilty conscience,over the Ukrainians that they tortured,and fear being fingered.
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This is absolutely tragic - be they Russian fighters or not. How on earth are they “brainwashed” and “believing” to the extent they are forced to take their own lives in this way. Little wonder therefore that the general Russian population have thus far not risen up to take down this oppressive regime.
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I suppose life long brainwashing under a manipulative self serving regime is a possible cause of increased russian soldier suicides, but my goodness what a nihilistic society russia has become. Prior to taking your own life Russian soldiers, do you never question that its your leadership in the wrong? Do you ever question why you can't access information outside of the lies the putin regime feeds you? Why opposing your thug leaderships myriad of harsh freedom restricting laws in any fashion land you in jail or worse?

Do you ever consider that rather than just dying for a bad cause, that maybe taking your assigned weapons and abruptly changing sides puts you a a key position to help bring your country out of the putin regimes oppression? That rather than dying for no purpose, you could find redemption for yourself and loved ones by doing what is morally right (as opposed to what putin demands which is to kill and steal from your neighbour Ukraine).

You have a weapon, you have motivation, you have a target (any armed supporter of putins' crimes). What more do you need to know? En masse your oppressed and abused soldiers can evoke national change.

Your citizens can then elect true democratic leaders that will protect your interests rather than enslave you to their evil self interest causes. Leaders that do not attempt to remain in power by force, but rather at the will of the electorate. That is democracy.

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@John, Very well said John. I fear that the psyche of the average Russian citizen however, may be irreparably damaged. For generations they have lived under one despot or another and they know no other life.
They had a chance at democracy right after WWI and again under Gorbachev, but they just couldn’t grasp that brass ring.
In my crystal ball I just see another dictator after Putin.

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@Imokru2, It will probably be the same story if the government of North Korea ever falls. It would take 50-100 years to rebuild the country.