Why foreigners continue to visit Ukraine during the war? Tips and tricks for travelers.

Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine has been going on for almost two years now, but a large number of foreigners continue to visit Ukraine, and Ukrainians are trying to live normal lives even during the war.

What does the statistics say about foreigners visiting Ukraine? Is it safe to travel now?

Almost two years into the war, countries have begun to ease the rules for visiting Ukraine. For example, on January 22, the British Foreign Office officially allowed visits to four western regions of Ukraine, such as Zakarpattia, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi, and Ternopil regions. 

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom

Such changes depend on several factors, the most important of which are the geographical location of these regions and the almost complete absence of strategic facilities, that could be attacked.


You can find full information about the security situation in a particular region or city of Ukraine on Visit Ukraine.today.

It is also important to note that Kyiv was recognized as the safest city in Ukraine, as the capital has the largest number of air defense systems that completely cover the sky over the city from air attacks.

The streets of Kyiv. Photo by Borys Korpusenko

Therefore, both central and western parts of Ukraine are safe enough. People continue to live, work, go to restaurants, movies and various events, and, of course, travel around the country.

As for foreigners in Ukraine, according to official statistics from the State Border Guard Service, more than 2.4 million foreigners visited Ukraine in 2023, including more than 136,000 people from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

Tourists on a trip to Ukraine. Photo by Visit Ukraine&4UA

It is possible because of the high-quality work of the radar units of the Air Defense Forces of Ukraine, which constantly monitor the airspace, track threats and warn the public about the danger regularly. At the same time, the key to a safe stay in Ukraine is not only the work of the military, but also a responsible attitude to the threats. People are warned about it. Thus, as of the end of 2023, more than 61,000 civil defense facilities, in other words, shelters and bomb shelters, were built in Ukraine, where people can wait out the air raid and protect themselves from danger.


How to travel to Ukraine during the war and what do you need to know?

Ukraine's land borders are open to foreigners, and you can enter by car, bus, or train through checkpoints on the borders with Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, and Moldova. The most convenient option is to fly to one of the airports closest to Ukraine and then continue your journey by land.

The rules of entry to Ukraine for foreigners (except for Russian citizens) have not changed during the war. Visa-free regime with Ukraine has been established with most countries of the world, including the EU, the US, Japan and other countries. 

Thus, in order to cross the Ukrainian border, you must have

– a valid foreign passport;

– confirmation of the purpose of the trip (travel voucher, invitation, etc.)/visa;


– proof of sufficient financial support for the period of stay in Ukraine ($45 per person per 1 day);

– health insurance (of the appropriate type).

You should pay attention to the insurance for entry into Ukraine, as it should cover not only basic medical services, but also passive and direct military risks in case of injury or accident. You can take out a reliable insurance policy with war risk coverage and a guarantee of payments here

In addition, when planning a trip to Ukraine, we recommend that you install the Air Alert app on your smartphone in advance to instantly learn about the danger, familiarize yourself with the rules of conduct, view a map of shelters in the city where you plan to stay and find out what the curfew is in the region you need. 

All this information, as well as details about the rules, prohibitions and restrictions on visiting Ukraine during the war, the most convenient routes to and through Ukraine, travel recommendations and legal support, can be found on the Visit Ukraine.today service portal. Visit Ukraine is the place where you will find everything for a comfortable trip to Ukraine!

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