Kyiv Post's sources in Ukrainian military intelligence say that the wife of the head of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine (HUR), Marianna Budanova, is "feeling much better" after being poisoned along with a number of HUR staff on Nov 28, 2023.

At the time, doctors were of the opinion that Budanov's wife was suffering from heavy metal poisoning. She is currently undergoing treatment, that Kyiv Post’s sources have underlined is now carried out in Ukraine.

“The investigation is ongoing, the interim results have not yet been disclosed,” the source said.

According to the Law on Intelligence, the investigation is carried out by HUR’s own internal security unit

At the time which was an d still is considered to have been intentional, HUR spokesman Andriy Yusov said that Ukrainian investigators were currently working on the “main hypothesis” that Russia was involved in the poisoning, and that Budanova was targeted because “it is simply impossible to contact the commander directly.”


It was further emphasized that the substances used to poison her are not used in any way in everyday life or military affairs. Their presence indicates a deliberate attempt to poison an individual.

It was fortunate that Budanova sought medical advice promptly. If she had gone to the doctor a week later, the consequences would be more severe the source told the Kyiv Post.

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Ukrainian Drone Strike Targets Russian Gunpowder Factory: Defense Official

A source from Ukraine's defense sector said the attack was carried out using explosive drones - one of which successfully hit the military facility in the city of Kotovsk in Russia's Tambov region.

Russian special services have been repeatedly accused of using poisonous substances to carry out assassination attempts often using material, including heavy metals, that are not usually found in lethal quantities in everyday life.

The head of Ukraine's military intelligence, Kyrylo Budanov, was personally the target of at least 10 Russians assassination attempts, one of which, a car bombing, resulted in serious injuries.

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