An "undeclared" Russian military intelligence officer will be expelled from the UK, the home secretary has announced, as he also revealed the closure of several Russian diplomatic premises. James Cleverly told the House of Commons: "Today in conjunction with the foreign secretary, I am announcing a package of measures to make clear to Russia that we will not tolerate such apparent escalations. “I can tell the House that we will expel the Russian defence attache, who is an undeclared military intelligence officer. "We will remove diplomatic premises status from several Russian-owned properties in the UK, including Seacox Heath house, a Russian-owned property in Sussex, and the trade and defence section in Highgate, which we believe have been used for intelligence purposes. “We are imposing new restrictions on Russian diplomatic visas, including capping the length of time Russian diplomats can spend in the UK." It comes after five people were charged over conspiring to commit espionage activities in the UK on behalf of Russia under the National Security Act, the first prosecutions of this kind under the new laws. The Russian Ambassador had been summoned to relay the measures and to “reiterate that Russia’s actions will not be tolerated”, according to the Home Office. Mr Cleverly said he expected Moscow to make accusations of Russophobia and spread conspiracy theories in response to the UK’s actions. - ITV


Ukraine’s largest energy provider, DTEK, says that after Tuesday night’s massive missile and drone attacks, Russia has now damaged or destroyed 50% of its energy system and 80% of thermal power capacity. Its chief executive says that if systems are not restored by this winter a “humanitarian disaster” could evolve

Ukraine destroyed 17 out of 20 "Shahed" type drones in the Odesa region overnight, Air Force Commander Mykola Oleschuk said.

The US paused a shipment of bombs to Israel last week over concerns about a full-scale assault on the southern Gaza city of Rafah, a senior administration official said. The shipment was supposed to consist of 1,800 2,000-pound (900kg) bombs and 1,700 500-pound (225kg) bombs, according to the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. The official said the Biden administration began reviewing military shipments to Israel in April due to fears of the invasion in Rafah, with the decision to cancel the bomb deliveries made last week. The US was particularly concerned about the larger explosives and how they could be used in a dense urban setting. - ITV


As early as this weekend, some 90 trucks will roll off a metal causeway onto a beach in Gaza. Then the United Nations will deliver the much-needed food and medicine to Palestinians, some of whom are already suffering famine conditions. The United Nations said half of Gaza's more than 2 million people are starving. But questions remain about whether this will be a successful operation. Senior military officials say tens of thousands of desperate residents could cluster at the end of the causeway, snarling the trucks and denying much needed aid. There are also security concerns. Recently two mortars landed in the marshaling area in Gaza that will receive the trucks, causing minor damage. - NPR


The Russian government is warning Ukraine that Kyiv's new fleet of F-16 fighter jets will be treated as a "nuclear-capable" threat. Ukraine's military said last week that it would begin operating the U.S.-made jets as soon as Monday. Ukrainian Air Force spokesperson Ilya Yevlash said that the planes would be ready for battle after Orthodox Easter, which was Sunday. - Newsweek

Saudi authorities have permitted the use of lethal force to clear land for a futuristic desert city being built by dozens of Western companies, an ex-intelligence officer has told the BBC. Col Rabih Alenezi says he was ordered to evict villagers from a tribe in the Gulf state to make way for The Line, part of the Neom eco-project. One of them was subsequently shot and killed for protesting against eviction. The Saudi government and Neom management refused to comment.Neom, Saudi Arabia's $500bn (£399bn) eco-region, is part of its Saudi Vision 2030 strategy which aims to diversify the kingdom's economy away from oil. - BBC

A majestic three-mast ship carried the Olympic flame into Marseille's famed Old Port at sunset as the French national anthem, La Marseillaise, echoed from the embankment. An Air Force fly-over marked the ship's arrival, with planes drawing the five Olympic rings and then the red-blue-white colours of the French flag. Tens of thousands cheered the arrival at the cordoned-off stage area on the shore, while thousands of others waved from balconies and windows overlooking the festivities. Organisers are hoping the first public spectacle – just 79 days from the start of the Games – will help build excitement after a damaging row about ticket prices and concerns about security. - France 24

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