U.S-based Microsoft will provide Ukraine with further technological assistance worth $100 million during 2023.

On Nov. 3, Microsoft President Brad Smith, during a meeting with the Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov, stated that Ukrainian government agencies and critical infrastructure facilities will be able to use Microsoft cloud technology free of charge until the end of next year.

Fedorov thanked Microsoft for its support.

“A new victory on the technological front – $100 million from Microsoft to help Ukraine.

Microsoft has been a great friend of Ukraine. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, its cloud technologies have played a crucial role in protecting the digital infrastructure and data security of Ukrainians. “It is invaluable support on the technology front,” Fedorov stated.


Microsoft has provided Ukraine with over $400 million in support since the war began. In addition to free services, it has assisted Ukraine in the field of cyber security, donated to humanitarian aid, and cooperated with the Ukrainian government to document war crimes of the Russian invaders.

In March, Microsoft stopped selling its products and services in Russia following the country’s invasion of Ukraine. Major tech companies including Apple and Dell have made similar decisions.

According to its president, the companyacted against Russia’s destructive and disruptive measures aimed at the Ukrainian government, IT and financial sector organizations

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