Ukraine’s acquisition of NATO membership under the new circumstances does not require a MAP and allows its partners to reset and not repeat the mistakes made since 2008, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has said.

“Ukraine’s membership in NATO is long overdue and overripe. Ukraine is already an integral part of Euro-Atlantic security. We do not yet have Article 5 umbrellas over ourselves, but all NATO members are de facto under the umbrella of Ukraine, under the protection of our Armed Forces. Therefore, today Ukraine applied for NATO membership, which, under these new circumstances, does not require the provision of a MAP and allows our partners to nullify and not repeat the mistakes made since 2008,” Kuleba wrote on Facebook on Friday.

According to him, the collective security of Ukraine and the Euro-Atlantic space can be ensured only by ensuring the operation of seven elements, one of them is Ukraine’s accession to NATO and the EU.

In addition, Kuleba pointed out that another such element is the expansion of the international coalition in support of Ukraine.
“Intensive diplomacy of recent weeks is working towards this, including dozens of presidential talks and the active work of the Ukrainian delegation at the UN General Assembly, where we focused on attracting, first of all, the countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America,” the minister said.

Kuleba included in the list of elements an increase in the supply of weapons to Ukraine, the removal of all political barriers for all types and volumes of weapons for the Ukrainian army.

“We will do everything so that after this attempt of annexation, Ukraine will receive even more weapons,” the minister assured.
In addition, he advocated a significant increase in sanctions against Russia in the sectors of energy, money, nuclear energy and others.

“The Kyiv Security Compact as a guarantee of security for Ukraine on the way to our membership in NATO. The Kyiv Security Compact is a security model for all countries that are not parties to collective security agreements or do not yet have security guarantees from third countries,” the Foreign Minister wrote.


As the last element, Kuleba called the active opposition of other countries in the Euro-Atlantic space to Russian military and hybrid threats, as well as their implementation of an effective strategy for Russia’s nuclear deterrence.

“The victory of Ukraine is the security of the entire Euro-Atlantic space. There is no alternative to this. And our signal to the whole world and the aggressor state today is that by trying to annex Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhia and Kherson regions of Ukraine, Putin is trying to seize territories that he does not even physically control. Nothing changes for Ukraine: we continue to liberate our land and our people, restoring our territorial integrity,” the minister said.

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