After Russia invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24, mysterious fires have been breaking out at various enterprises and warehouses belonging to Russia’s military defense. There are dozens of cases of army enlistment offices burning, police cars on fire and cases of sabotage aimed at the railways. Cases are appearing across the territory of the Russian Federation.

The Russian authorities are reluctant to comment on them, trying to downplay their significance and even attributing their significance to coincidence. However, evidence suggests this is less likely to be coincidence and more likely to be partisan attacks.

Former Russian Duma member and anti-Putin activist Ilya Ponomarev launched a Telegram channel to inform audiences about these actions.


Ponomarev said: “It’s happening everywhere, and that’s why nobody can say that it’s the work of Ukrainian intelligence or Ukrainian saboteurs.”

He added: “Ukrainians could carry out some acts of sabotage close to the border, but they are not doing this in Vladivostok – obviously, it was Russians who did this.”

A destroyed railway bridge in Belgorod. (Photo Credit: Telegram channel, Rospartisan, April 12.)

On May 28, a Molotov cocktail was thrown at the military registration and enlistment office in Simferopol in Russian-occupied Crimea.

The activist in question climbed over the fence, got onto its territory and threw a fire bomb through the basement window.

The same day, an act of sabotage took place along a railway line in Sergiev Posad District – en route to a Ministry of Defense target. A rail junction was dismantled and the rails were partially separated.

A railway line in Sergiev Posad District was targeted by saboteurs when a rail junction was dismantled and rails partially separated. (Photo Credit: Telegram channel Rospartisan)

While significant resistance within Russia to its war in Ukraine appears to be growing every day, similar incidents have previously also been reported in Belarus. Its president, Aleksander Lukashenko, has been allowing Russian troops to use the country as a staging area to attack Ukraine.



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