The city of Mariupol is facing hard times after incessant heavy shelling from the very beginning of Russia’s full-scale war on Feb. 24. The city was eventually captured by invading Russian forces in April.

Local citizens have to pass through filtration camps and experience heavy Russian propaganda from mobile TV trucks on the streets. Against the background of ruins and mass graves after Russian shelling, the residents of Mariupol are told about “improvements” and the “crimes of the Ukrainian army”.

Occupiers have triumphantly installed Soviet monuments and forced children to attend Russian language classes in schools.

In early April, the mayor of Mariupol, reported that 90% of the city’s infrastructure had been destroyed by Russian shelling in Mariupol, and 40% of it could not be restored. According to estimates by the Ukrainian authorities, up to 30,000 residents were killed in Mariupol by shelling. Corpses reportedly lie unburied on the streets.

Screenshot of TV channel Russia Today showing – TV trucks in Mariupol

In the almost destroyed city, “television” trucks move through the streets, broadcasting Russian propaganda TV channels from large screens.

Among other things, the citizens of Mariupol are shown stories of captured Ukrainian soldiers who say they that they are “happy” to have been captured by Russian forces.

According to the adviser to the mayor of Mariupol, Petro Andrushchenko,  a total of 12 large 75 inch screen TVs and three mobile “propaganda trucks” were installed in the city. These trucks are located near points where humanitarian aid is handed out, registration of documents takes place and near access to water.

These TV trucks are the latest innovation by the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations. The occupying Russian authorities claimed that TV trucks will be used to inform citizens about emergencies and natural disasters but, in reality, they are used for information warfare in occupied territories.

The main foundation of the mobile complex is a high-quality LED screen, which can work at any time of the day and in any weather conditions.

“Propaganda truck” showing Russian cartoon (Photo Credit: Andrushchenko Telegram channel, June 1)

Children’s propaganda

As a result of shelling of Mariupol by Russians, at least 17 children were killed and 14 injured, according to Ukrainian authorities. Many children died due to lack of medicines and medical help.

On June 1 Russian occupiers decided to celebrate International Day for the Protection of Children in the city. A demonstration lesson in the Russian language was conducted at school No. 53 with a Russian teacher. The occupiers handed out textbooks with Russian propaganda to children and showed Russian cartoons.

Russian occupiers celebrate International Day for Protection of Children in Mariupol (Photo Credit: Andrushchenko Telegram channel, June 1)

Russian invaders have canceled children’s summer holidays and are forcing children to attend Russian language classes. Most Ukrainian teachers refused to cooperate, so such classes held for demonstration purposes at the moment.

Russian occupiers celebrate International Day for Protection of Children in Mariupol (Photo Credit: Andrushchenko Telegram channel, June 1)

Russian occupiers are acting exactly the same way as the Nazi Party did when it directed propaganda at children in Nazi Germany to influence the values and beliefs of the future generation of German citizens according to their political agenda and ideology. The Nazi Party targeted children with mandatory youth organizations, school courses on racial purity, and anti-semitic children’s books.


Occupiers in Mariupol installed “grandmother with USSR flag”

Russian invaders installed their “symbol of Russian support ” in occupied Mariupol – a terrible black monument of “grandmother with the flag of the Soviet Union ” and began to replace signs in Ukrainian in villages and towns in Donetsk Region on entering them with signs in the Russian language.

Installation of “Grandmother with the flag of the Soviet Union” monument (Photo Credit: Andrushchenko Telegram channel, May 3)



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