Most Ukrainian artists, bloggers, and singers publicly voiced their position after the Russian attack on Ukraine on Feb. 24. Most sharply condemned Putin’s actions and opposed Russia’s war against their country, but some remained reticent or disloyal on the matter. 

The Kalush Orchestra

The favorites, and eventual winners of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 on May 10 – the Kalush Orchestra, set a bold example by calling from the stage of the Final on the international community to help save Ukrainian defenders in the besieged Azovstal plant in Mariupol.

The band even published a series of photos of the appalling conditions of the injured in Azovstal.

@kalush.official Instagram, May 11, 2022

“Now, Mariupol Azovstal is the heart of Ukraine. Help to save our guys,” the band urged.


A Ukrainian singer of Crimean Tatar origin, Jamala, who won the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. has raised $90 million to support Ukraine.


Since 2014 Jamala couldn’t visit her homeland in Crimea due to the Russian occupation, and more recently she was forced by the war to leave Ukraine with her children.

In addition to the many interviews that Jamala gives to foreign media about the situation in Ukraine, the artist helps the Armed Forces of Ukraine financially. The star immediately went on tour to different countries for this purpose. She has already performed in Turkey, Spain, Poland, Georgia, Lithuania, Germany, Romania, and Great Britain.

According to Forbes, by April 13, Jamala had taken fourth place in raising funds to support Ukraine.

From the official Jamala’s Facebook page, May 10, 2022

“We have no time. We are being slaughtered. While the world is trying to find the right words or justify insufficient actions, innocent people in Ukraine are being brutally murdered, tortured, abused, and raped…We have no time for reflection — the genocide is taking place right now. No words can stop the absolute evil and its Russian troops!” Jamala wrote on her Facebook page on April 4.


Ruslana Lyzhychko is a World Music Award and Eurovision Song Contest winning recording artist, holding the title of People’s Artist of Ukraine. She is also a former member of the Ukrainian parliament.


Ruslana supported Ukraine from the first days of the Russian invasion, participating in a concert for the Armed Forces of Ukraine on March 27.

@Ruslana.lyzhychko, Instagram

On May 7, Ruslana began raising funds and resources to produce high-quality bulletproof vests in Ukraine in large quantities with the most efficient delivery to the hot spots of war.

Russia bans Ukrainian artists who condemned its war

Meanwhile Russia has not only silenced its domestic media through strict censorship but also censured or banned artists who condemn its war against Ukraine. These include Russian musicians Noize MC, Boris Grebenshchikov, and “Pornofilm.”

The Russian blacklist also includes some Ukrainian celebrities that are popular in Russia – Valery Meladze, Svetlana Loboda, Vera Brezhneva and Ivan Dorn – who have voiced their opposition to the war.

“Ukrainian” stars in Russia who have remained silent or ambivalent

Needless to say, some of the Ukrainian celebrities who have built their careers in Russia have been reluctant to speak out or have even condoned the Kremlin’s aggression against Ukraine. Here are few examples.


Natasha Koroleva

This singer, originally from Ukraine, has not only remained silent about the war also continues performing in Russia.

@mikheevaofficial, Instagram, May 4, 2022

Koroleva, along with other artists and supporters of Putin, participated in a concert dedicated to Russia’s “Victory Day,” which took place on May 4 in the village of Krekshino. It was organized by the Lev Leshchenko Cultural Foundation, which also an ardently supports Putin.

On May 9, Koroleva congratulated Russians on “Victory Day” on her Instagram account, singing a famous Russian song.

@koroleva_star, Instagram, May 9, 2022

Arthur Pirozhkov (Aleksandra Reva)

A Russian stand-up comedian, TV host, and actor of Ukrainian origin, he is also complicit with regard to the war. On March 3, he started a Telegram channel posting photos with supporters of Putin.

Arthur Pirozhkov, March 3, 2022

Snezhana Egorova

Snizhana Yehorova – Wikidata

Unlike her ultra-patriotic actor and singer ex-husband Antin Mukharsky, this Ukrainian actress and TV presenter, is notorious for “wholeheartedly” supporting Putin and calling him “the hero of our time.” On the 20th day of Russia’s war against Ukraine, however, she suddenly realized her mistakes. Egorova wrote in her Telegram channel:

“Guys, I’ve been on Russian information all year. I succumbed to the disinformation of the Russians and believed that they were sane people. I have always been convinced that I cannot be wrong, and everything is obvious to me. I’m not used to apologizing, but I want to do it today! Sorry I supported the aggression! Sorry for being blind and deaf! Sorry for being an accomplice to the murder, chaos, and panic! I am on my knees before all the Ukrainian people !!!”

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