We are pleased to announce that on June 8, 2022, we will be adding a Ukrainian version. 

According to our Chief Editor, British-Ukrainian veteran journalist Bohdan Nahaylo, the Ukrainian version will reflect the content, spirit and independent editorial line of the English-language flagship publication and will reach an even wider global audience. 

Kyiv Post’s owner, Odesa-based Syrian businessperson and philanthropist, Adnan Kivan, says: “I am delighted that this important step of bringing the Ukrainian language to Kyiv Post is finally being realized and that I can help make a further contribution in this way to Ukraine’s independence, democracy and understanding of it in the world.” 

Nahaylo notes that Kyiv Post has been in existence for over 26 years and has dealt with many challenges that have forced it to adapt and continually improve.


“Kyiv Post does not want to merely repeat what others are saying in an already cluttered and competitive Ukrainian news and media environment,” Nahaylo explains. “We seek to provide reliable, comprehensive, insight into what makes the country tick, into related international factors, and also the life of the proud and global Ukrainian diaspora.” 

The Chief Editor adds, Kyiv Post also provides a platform for the opinions, perceptions of domestic and international experts, observers and policy makers. “We are cooperating with leading national and international news agencies, have created a solid team of our own journalists, correspondents, and audio-visual specialists, and are attracting renowned opinion makers and commentators. Culture and history are also covered by us.”

Luc Chenier, CEO emphasizes that Kyiv Post still plans to expand after the difficulties created by the war end. For the moment it remains an-online publication, but video, TV, and podcasts are already well under way with consistent video segments and interviews with leading image-makers in the Kyiv Post Studio. Returning to a print edition is also a priority as soon as the timing is right.


“Kyiv Post is a prestigious brand that is continually reinventing itself by being ‘Ukraine’s Global Voice’, be it in English, Arabic, and now in Ukrainian! We keep adapting to today’s technological realities of delivering quality content to our global audience while never forgetting where we came from and our core mission as a leading news-media and opinion-forming information outlet of choice,” Chenier stresses.


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