The protest, dedicated to the Motherland Defender’s Day, was organized by the Crimean representatives of the Russian Bloc Party, the Regions Party, and the Union Party, in cooperation with Russian Community of Crimea.

Protesters held numerous Russian flags and pro-Russian posters against NATO and the United States. Some carried the portraits of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

The meeting began with the state anthem of Russia.

The head of the Russian Community in Crimea and first deputy speaker of its parliament, Serhiy Tsekov said: “We are sure that there will be no NATO in Crimea, Ukraine will never enter NATO and Sevastopol will remain a Russian Navy base”.

The protesters adopted a resolution, in which they expressed “a strong protest against NATO representatives’ plans to expand the military bloc into the east”.


The activists also expressed their readiness to fight against the policy of involving Ukraine in NATO, which, according to them, is not in Russian or Ukrainian interests.

The protesters have also addressed the representatives of Ukrainian patriotic forces, which share their anti-NATO and pro-Russian positions, with the urge to start massive campaign entitled “Hello, Russia. Bye, NATO” in 2009.

The event was attended by 400 people.

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