Brookes Education Group and CIL International unite to launch the next-generation Brookes CIL International School in Kyiv, Ukraine in September 2022

 Kyiv, Ukraine, Nov. 1, 2021 – More than 700 international and local students in Kyiv will gain a premium education opportunity from September 2022 with the launch of a globally connected K-12 international school, Brookes CIL International School, in the Ukrainian capital.

The state-of-the-art facility will be centrally located in the heart of Kyiv, in outstanding premises with an area of 25,000 square meters. The architecturally unique building will be a hub for students to thrive across all subject areas.

The school will offer students full-access to modern, spacious classrooms, dining halls and cafés, two Makerspaces, professional sporting facilities, a performance hall, science labs, multiple IT suites, a cooking hub, music, podcast and editing studios, and specialist teaching environments which optimize learning with integrated technology.


Based on three continents, Brookes Education Group and Ukrainian education group CIL International in December 2020 signed a partnership agreement on opening the Brookes CIL International School. The new school will carry on the legacy of the global Brookes network, offering excellence in academics, global opportunities and expert educators who bring learning to life and challenge students to unlock their potential.The Brookes CIL International School in Kyiv will be the Brookes Education Group’s ninth leading center of education, joining sister schools in Canada, the United States, the UK, India, and South Korea.

Kevin Skeoch, Founding Head of School and Board Director at Brookes Education Group, said he was extremely proud and excited about the coming launch of the new school in Kyiv.

We aim to develop a premium, next-generation, 3 to 18 years old international school, which will become the newest member of Brookes Education Group. Brookes CIL International School is a centrally located, high-tech build with well qualified and experienced international teachers, bringing the highest educational standards, and with them, many opportunities for local and expatriate families.
Mr. Skeoch, Founding Head of Brookes CIL


Brookes CIL International School is already a Candidate School* for the PYP, MYP and DP, and is pursuing authorization as an IB World School. Such schools share a common philosophy – a commitment to delivering a high quality, challenging, international education – the kind that CIL International believes will serve students throughout their lives.

A spokesperson for CIL International said the school would create an exceptional education environment for forging meaningful connections through student exchange across global campuses, fostering a community of forward-thinking global citizens.

With the dream of providing a future full of possibilities for students in Kyiv, CIL International has partnered with Brookes Education Group to build an establishment that will offer a world-class experience, with the latest tools that will allow students to excel beyond a standard education. We’re rewiring learning practices to adapt to a post-COVID-19 social, political and economic climate, ensuring our young future leaders are prepared for next-generation challenges. In line with our mission, through Brookes-unique opportunities, we will help students discover their passion, develop their character, and understand their connection to others, and to society.
CIL International


Kevin Skeoch, an industry leader spearheading the development of IB World Schools, added that Brookes CIL International School in Kyiv will foster an inclusive, supportive and connected community to enrich student learning experiences.

Together in education, Brookes CIL International School will inspire through innovative teaching and learning practices, while emphasizing the importance and philosophy of learning to make a difference.
Mr. Skeoch, Founding Head of Brookes CIL

The school will feature a distinctive, specialized education program, called “The Future Center,” which offers one-on-one and small group support, delivering personalized learning and supplementary programs. The Future Center allows students to enhance special interests, strengthen areas of weakness, and improve overall skills, subjects or sports, as well as providing opportunities for gifted students to seek further learning opportunities.


Making a difference in education, Brookes CIL International School will inspire a passion for learning, support development of student character, and provide local and global opportunities to thrive at Brookes and beyond, Brookes Education Group and CIL International said.

For further information regarding admission to Brookes CIL International School, please contact [email protected].

About Brookes Education Group

Brookes Education Group (BEG) was founded by a team of international educators who share the desire to deliver high-quality education accessible to youth around the world. BEG is a globally known network of international day and boarding schools across nine locations; Canada, the UK, the United States, South Korea, India and Ukraine.

Brookes develops schools that focus on the whole child through the rigors of academics, the balance of physical education and socio-emotional support. Our global network offers a range of curriculums including the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), Advanced Placement (AP), GCSE program, and provincial curriculums guiding students to top-tier universities around the world.

BEG embraces and celebrates diversity, with students from over 49 different nationalities. It is striving to build a globally connected community of internationally minded students pioneering connectivity, creativity and character.

About CIL International

CIL International was founded in 2020 in Kyiv, Ukraine by a group of innovative Ukrainian entrepreneurs who believe that quality international education is key in shaping every student’s future and helping them reach their full potential in the course of their lives.


CIL stands for Creativity, Innovation and Leadership. CIL International believes that creativity, innovative thinking and leadership are lifelong skills that can be taught and developed throughout a student’s education and in an international school environment. The group truly believe that Brookes CIL International School has the leadership, vision, approaches and facilities to become a flagship school within the Brookes Education Group global network of schools, and a leading center for international education in Ukraine, Europe and beyond. CIL International want to attract a culturally diverse student and teaching community to Ukraine, and make a powerful and positive impact on expanding undergraduate education opportunities for all students both locally and globally. The group aims to guide students along their college and university paths to successful placement at the universities of their dreams.


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