The relatively high electoral support of Ukrainians for the actor and showman Volodymyr Zelensky and musician Sviatoslav Vakarchuk shows Ukrainians want new faces in politics, sociological group Rating head Oleksiy Antypovych has said.

At a press conference in Kyiv on Thursday, which respondents are supporters of Zelensky and Vakarchuk and how they motivate their choice,” Antypovych said.

“Zelensky and Vakarchuk are unequivocally a similar choice: one – an actor, the other – a singer. The desire for new faces in Ukrainian politics, according to our polls, is about 60 percent,” he said.

According to him, initial ratings of these two persons were proportional to their attitude to them as creative people.

“Now, as we see some deterrence, there is a certain competition between them and the ratings do not go off the scale. Ukrainians have started to think this question through. This is confirmation that Ukrainians want new, clean, unblemished persons and, to some extent, policy,” he said.


Antypovych said Ukrainians are not strangers to the request for persons in politics from outside of politics. At the same time, he said this trend does not dominate, and this is also due to the fact that Ukrainians have a rather high level of disappointment in all politicians, as evidenced by anti-ratings.

“One third of Vakarchuk’s votes can go to Zelensky and every fifth voter of Zelensky can vote for Vakarchuk, that is, the intersection of these audiences, the electorate, is extremely high,” the sociologist said.

Regional preference is also crucial in supporting these candidates.

“Vakarchuk’s supporters are more in western and central regions, while Zelensky’s base of support is in eastern and central regions,” Rating Deputy Director Liubomyr Mysiv said.

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