Ukrainian lawmaker Nadiya Savchenko and her co-suspect Volodymyr Ruban, who both face charges of plotting an act of terrorism, were released from temporary detention late on April 15 under a ruling by the Brovary Town-and-District Court in Kyiv Oblast.

Both Savchenko and Ruban were charged in March 2018 with terrorism, plotting to forcibly topple the constitutional regime in Ukraine, and attempts to seize state power by illegal means.  However, their pre-trail detention terms have expired and no new preventative measures have been imposed. As a result, the court issued an order for the two to be released.

Savchenko implied in her statement to the court that she had been illegally detained by the Ukrainian authorities: “I wish freedom to each (person), who has been detained illegally. I do not violate the rules…  I am not going to flee abroad, because I am a hero of Ukraine. And, for me, Ukraine is not just a word.  I will fight for Ukraine.”


After being freed, Savchenko said she intended to win the case against her, and “to change this political system (of modern-day Ukraine) in an absolutely peaceful, evolutionary manner.”

Ruban took ill, apparently from a lack of fresh air, during the court hearing, which was held in a small, stuffy court room filled with representatives of the parties to the case, journalists, and activists.

Savchenko was arrested on March 22, 2018 after Ukraine’s parliament voted to strip her of immunity.  nOW, Savchenko says she intends to resume her work in parliament on April 23.

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