Top 30 Under 30

Meet Top 30 Under 30 winners of 2020 exclusive
Yana Shemayeva (Jerry Heil): Pop singer becomes famous with relatable catchy hits exclusive
Yuliya Levchenko: Star athlete conquers international  competitions exclusive
Timur Fatkullin: Aerobatic pilot maneuvers life into world championship exclusive
Valerii Ananyev: War veteran talks army, Russia’s war in Ukraine in his book, video blog exclusive
Oleksandr Zinchenko: From amateur to Ukraine’s top professional soccer player exclusive
Alina Pash: Young artist brings Ukrainian music industry to new level exclusive
Daria Bilodid: Two-time judo world champion sets her sights on Olympic gold exclusive
Anna Novosad: Ukraine’s youngest minister aims to  reboot education exclusive
Nariman Aliev: Crimean Tatar director spotlights his people’s tragedy exclusive
Roman Bagayev: Two-time top tank ace in Ukraine’s army exclusive
Mykhailo Fedorov: Marketer becomes minister to make Ukraine digital-friendly exclusive
Anna Bondarenko: Young activist hopes to make volunteering a universal practice in Ukraine, as in USA exclusive
Zhan Beleniuk: Champion wrestler refuses better offers abroad to stay at home: ‘I belong here’ exclusive
Oleksandra Zaritska: Lead singer of band Kazka loves singing in Ukrainian, aims for ‘bigger, better’ exclusive
Andriy Verkhoglyad: Only 23, young officer leads more experienced and older fighters in battle exclusive