Volodymyr Yelchenko, the former Ukrainian Ambassador to the United Nations, is convinced that the UN has exhausted its potential as a peace-making organization. 


Speaking at a press conference organized by Interfax-Ukraine entitled "Russia's illegal presence in UN: Problem and its solution," Yelchenko criticized the UN's inability to address the challenges presented not only by the Russian aggression against Ukraine but also by various global crises.

"The UN, at least, has exhausted its potential and cannot respond to the challenges posed by the events not only in Ukraine and Russian aggression against Ukraine, but also in many other parts of the world," Yelchenko emphasized.

He also expressed his dismay with the slow and passive attitude of the UN secretariat and staff. 


"All over the world, together with local staff, there are more than 40,000, of which 5,000-6,000 work mediocrely in the secretariats in New York, Geneva, Paris, Vienna, and so on. And about 100,000 more so-called UN peacekeepers, that is, the personnel of those peacekeeping operations that are scattered around the world," Yelchenko added. 

Yelchenko went on to lament the collapse of the existing system of international law, stating, it  does not work, which means that the world has actually found itself in such a dead end, because everything that has been developing and evolving for 100-150 years before is not able to resolve the conflicts that continue in the world today."

Ukraine: Counting the Human Cost of The War
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Ukraine: Counting the Human Cost of The War

The exact number of casualties is impossible to establish, with both sides giving little information about their losses, to avoid undermining morale among the troops and wider public.

Ukraine's former top envoy also expressed his belief that the war should culminate in a Ukrainian victory and prompt a complete restructuring of the existing system. 

In his view, what’s needed is "Either the creation of a completely new international organization, or a total reform of the UN, which I do not believe in at all."


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Obvious since biggest warmongers USA, russia , china have veto in UNSC #removevetorightsunsc