Polish authorities said Saturday they are investigating an apparent hacking attack on the national railway communications network which destabilized overnight traffic in the country's northwest.

The country's internal security agency and police were looking into the incident, deputy coordinator of special services Stanislaw Zaryn told the PAP news agency.

"For the moment, we are ruling nothing out," said Zaryn after the PKP railway's radio communications network radio was hacked near the northwestern city of Szczecin leading to the issuing of several stop signals which brought to a standstill or delayed some 20 trains.

Media reports said the signals were interspersed with renditions of the Russian national anthem and a recording of a speech by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"We know that for some months there have been attempts to destabilize the Polish state. Such attempts have been undertaken by the Russian Federation in conjunction with Belarus," added Zaryn, stating authorities were taking the incident seriously.


PKP said normal traffic resumed within hours and Zaryn said the attack "did not pose risks to passengers' health or lives...and does not present a danger to rail traffic in Poland".

Poland, a close ally of Ukraine, is a key transit for Western arms destined to aid its neighbor, invaded by Russia in February last year.

During the week Polish railways saw several accidents, including two derailments, in which nobody was hurt.

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Zaryn said there was no evidence to suggest those incidents and the hacking were linked.

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