Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Thursday insisted on calling Russia's invasion of Ukraine a “military operation,” mirroring language used by the Kremlin.

“It is a military operation... as long as there is no declaration of war between the two countries,” the nationalist leader told reporters during his annual press conference.

“When the Russians declare war on Ukraine, then it will be war,” he said.

“In a strict sense, let us rejoice as long as there is no war. If there is war there is general mobilization and I wouldn't wish that on anybody,” he added.

Orban was asked why he described the war as a “military operation” during his October meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Beijing.

Orban is the only EU leader who has maintained close ties with the Kremlin following Russia's invasion of Ukraine.


Orban and Putin met in Beijing on Oct. 17 to discuss energy cooperation.

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Do EU need Hungary?
Do Hungary need EU?

This is like a bad marriage, Hungary is fooling around with EUs archenemy Russia.. let's put a end to this "marriage" let Hungary and Russia live their pathetic life together, let's go Trumping on them and build a wall around Hungary and against Russias boarder
Jeff Bezos
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Note to Orban:

Putin does not respect his servile lackeys, he regards them as sheep, he only respects those who stand up to him.

If Hungary wants to leave the EU and follow its own path under a soviet boot you are welcome to propose that to your people and follow your destiny as Putin's whipping boy. You will die on that hill alone, the people will not follow you down that path.

You were once a principled man, but decades of corruption and chanelling funds to your family have shown that you are not immune to the temptation of high office. It's time to step aside for a real leader.
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Hundreds of thousands dead. The entire globe pulled in by the aggressor's proxies in Tehran and Gaza. No, you idiot. It's a war. Only one side wanted it, but that's all it takes. One greedy aggressor.