Cate Blanchett, actress and Goodwill Ambassador for UNHCR, produced documentary Ukraine: Life Under Attack: Dispatches about the events in Kharkiv during the full-scale war unleashed by Russia.

According to the creators, this is “the story of the Battle for Kharkiv, told through the eyes of the civilians and emergency workers who bore the brunt of the Russian onslaught”, Vogue Ukraine informs.

The documentary lasts almost an hour. Its main characters are firefighter Roman and his team who saved the city from fires caused by explosions; as well as paramedics Tetiana and Iryna who not only saved the wounded, but also daily helped people who stayed in the underground for several months hiding from strikes.

The documentary features children who have to live in the underground not to be affected by Russian missiles. Ukraine: Life Under Attack: Dispatches is available on the Channel 4 Plus website.


As reported, American actor Sean Penn came to Kyiv for the second time during the full-scale war. He is making a documentary about the war.

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