A charity concert was held at the Bel etage Hall in Kyiv on Saturday, July 16, to support the Right Sector Ukrainian Volunteer Corps  currently defending Ukraine in the war against Russian invaders and to honor the memory of one of its battalion chiefs, Taras “Hummer” Bobanych.

Famous local rock bands , including Komu Vnyz,  Stugna, Nava, Yurcash, Mad heads, and Zhadan i sobaky, with frontman Serhiy Zhadan, played at the concert to honor the memory of the legendary fighter “Hummer.” 

Around 300 people, including civilians, servicemen and students of the legendary “Hummer” came to listen to the bands and hear about the life and times of this present-day hero, who gave his life for Ukraine recently.

Andriy Sereda, frontman of rock band Komy Vnyz singing the song From Holodny Yar to the words of Ukrainian writer Taras Shevchenko (Photo Credit: Iryna Pavlenko)

“We have gathered to honor the memory of the great sworn brother, close friend, dear brother Taras ‘Hummer’ Bobanych. And I ask you to honor his memory and the memory of all those who have died for the freedom of Ukraine, for all those who gave their lives at the altar of Ukraine and won, because victory will be ours,” speaker of the UVC “Pravy sector” friend “Dana” said from the stage.

A minute’s silence was held.

Natalya Bobanych, Taras Bobanych’s widow, was also present and gave a short speech from the stage. “For all of us he was a hero, for me – a husband, for his parents, and my parents – a son, for all of you – a sworn brother. All who knew him knew what a man he was. He was an honest, fair man; he always helped everybody who asked this. Today, we honor his memory since he could do a lot but his real feat was defending his sworn brothers. Therefore, his last command was that we never give up. We are Ukrainians. We are worthy of that to win this war. We are on our own soil.”

The leader of the rock band Stugna at the charity concert in honor of battalion leader Taras “Hummer” Bobanych. (Photo Credit: Iryna Pavlenko)

A reminder that Taras Bobanych, a well-known Ukrainian  nationalist, member of Right Sector, head of the Lviv regional branch of the Right Sector party, died fighting Russian invaders near Izyum, Kharkiv Region, on April 8.


He was 33 years old and a graduate of the Law Faculty at the Lviv State Internal Affairs University.

He participated in the Revolution of Dignity in 2014. Taras Bobanych led the second separate battalion of the Right Sector Ukrainian Volunteer Corps after the start of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Serhiy Zhadan is a well-known Ukrainian writer, translator and singer,  who was recently nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature. His poems have been translated into many languages.

Right Sector battalion chief Taras “Hummer” Bobanych.


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