Some of the most wonderful fermented milk products emerged on the Ukrainian market – ONUR TM Turkish Yogurt, Turkish Ayran, Kasar Cheese, produced from Ukrainian cow milk following old Turkish technologies, bringing Turkish oriental flavors to the Ukrainian kitchen.

Technology-intensive modern ayran and yogurt production facilities are located in the village of Losyatyn, an eco-friendly territory in Vasylkiv County, Kyiv Oblast. It is one of a kind in Ukraine. High quality farmers milk is used for production of fermented milk products. No GMO ingredients, chemical additives, preservatives, emulsifiers, sweeteners, or flavor enhancers are used.

Passing a strict sanitary and hygienic control on a monthly basis allows us to recommend our product to adults and children, people leading a healthy lifestyle, mindful of their health and nutrition. The low-calorie product is good for older people, as it contains a full range of vitamins and microelements contained in milk, helps with digestion and provides the body with everything it needs.


Ayran is a fermented milk beverage that enjoys great popularity in the Caucasus, the Balkans and North Asian countries. The history of ayran goes back over fifteen hundred years. Different countries and peoples have different names for the beverage and its production technology (agaran, tan, kurt, shubat, kefir, mastaw), but the one common thing is that it is a dairy product made with lactic acid bacteria. In the Middle Ages, the milk for ayran was poured into a leather bottle containing ferment, strapped to the saddle and kept there for a specific time to ripe. Ayran was consumed as food to satiate hunger. To quench thirst, it was mixed with water or kumis, or just with milk.

In modern ayran production, milk undergoes traditional stages of processing (pasteurization, introduction of starter culture, purified water and table salt), elivering everyone’s favorite drink that can be used as an independent dish or as a basis for different sauces, dressings, marinades and cold soups. For the sake of variety, sometimes, herbs and spices, such as dill, basil are added to ayran.


Consumption of ONUR TM Turkish Ayran:
• Improves the function of all organs and systems of a human body;
• Normalizes intestinal microflora, improves digestion;
• Relieves bloating and heartburn;
• Helps clear toxins;
• Is perfect for fasting, treatment of overeating and hangover;
• Helps after taking antibiotics;
• Helps regulate the weight of children and adults;
• Quenches thirst;
• Restores acid-base balance.

As a bonus, the beverage is low in calories.


For people with lactose intolerance, either congenital or acquired, there is Ayran Lactose Free TM ONUR available, which is on the list of useful dietary products.

ONUR TM Turkish Yogurt is quite popular.
According to one of the versions, the ancient Thracians were the first ones to make a product that resembled yogurt. They kept sheep and noticed that milk that had gone sour was preserved longer than fresh milk. So, they began to mix fresh milk with the culture from sour milk, thus producing the first yogurt. According to another version, the ancient Bulgars were the first to produce yogurt-like beverage. At first, they made kumis from mare’s milk.
Later, when they settled on the Balkans and established the First Bulgarian Empire, they began to raise sheep and make yogurt from sheep’s milk.


In Europe, yogurt gained some popularity due to the stomach disease King Louis XI suffered from. The king couldn’t seem to recover from the disease, when some doctor from Constantinople brought him the Balkan yogurt to help cure him. In appreciation, the French king spread the word about the food that saved his life.
Modern yogurt production includes milk pasteurization, introduction of dry ingredients, homogenization, fermentation using special bacteria, aging, when the product thickens, forming a creamy hallmark crust on the surface that only ONUR yogurt has.

ONUR TM Turkish Yogurt:
• Strengthens immune and nervous systems;
• Improves the function of heart and vessels, stabilizes blood pressure;
• Strengthens gums and teeth, bones and joints;
• Clears the body from excess salt;
• Prevents various intestinal diseases and development of infections.

Yogurt is a great alternative for mayonnaise.
Ayran and yogurt can also be used as main products in nutrition plans aimed at weight reduction as well as restoring the functions of main systems and organs of human body – Ayran Diet, Protein Diet and others.


ONUR TM Kasar Cheese (Kasar Peynir) from cow milk with no preservatives is quite popular. The cheese has a rich flavor due to high fat content. It is ideal for sandwiches and goes well with pasta when grated.

There are two kinds of Kasar – fresh and aged. Fresh cheese is ready to eat as soon as one day after the start of fermentation. Aged Kasar is aged over at least two months. The longer the period of aging, the richer and more pronounced the taste of Kasar.

ONUR TM Kefir is a new product in the brand’s line.
This traditional for Ukrainian consumers product is expanding the circle of its fans.


ONUR TM products are available at all retail chains in Ukraine.

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