High heels are making headlines in Ukraine once again – and in a positive light this time.

Ukraine’s largest low-cost carrier SkyUp has changed the uniform of its flight attendants with an emphasis on comfort, the company announced on July 23.

SkyUp explained its decision by citing the fact that airline staff has to spend a lot of time on their feet, and comfortable shoes will improve their well-being.

The airline’s female flight attendants will now wear Nike sneakers instead of high heels and have their scarves clipped at their shoulders, instead of wearing them around their necks. The scarves will be developed by the Ukrainian brand Gunia project.

Basing the uniform on the idea of dynamics and movement, the traditional pencil skirts and blazers will be replaced by orange pantsuits with an athletic cut created by SkyUp in partnership with the Ukrainian brand GUDU. The look will be complemented by a light leather trench coat.


The make-up policy will also be updated to a gradient of blue and orange eyeshadow to symbolize the rising and setting of the sun.

According to SkyUp, the male uniform will remain more classic.

“This uniform is for the active, the brave, the bright; for those who aren’t partial to unnecessary formalities, but appreciates style; reacts fast, acts fairly, takes on challenges, and overcomes them. The uniform is for those who are open to new things, those who love traveling and life,” SkyUp said.

The airline’s flight attendants will start wearing the updated uniform in fall 2021.

Earlier in May 2020, Japanese airline All Nippon Airways canceled the airline’s requirement for its female flight attendants to wear high heels, signaling the beginning of a potentially global move away from outdated fashion standards and towards the practicality of work garments in the airline industry.

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HATE this ridiculous trend towards less smart uniforms and more casual, sporty gear. What on EARTH are they trying to do - deglamourise our traditionally smartly dressed stewardesses?? BAD mistake.