Kyiv Post Daily Thread – The Latest News From and About Ukraine on March 28

All the latest updates and news from Ukraine today.

Kyiv Post Daily Thread – The Latest News From and About Ukraine on March 28
Ukrainian T64 tanks move towards Bakhmut direction, in Donetsk Oblast region, on March 20, 2023. The head of Russia's Wagner mercenary group said on March 20, 2023 that his forces control more than half of the embattled eastern Ukraine town of Bakhmut, the stage for the longest battle of Russia's offensive. Aris Messinis / AFP

Russian Reinforcements Crash on Crimea Bridge

Russian Reinforcements Crash on Crimea Bridge

 The Ukrainian Defence Ministry's Main Intelligence Directorate Russian has gleefully reported that on March 26 “five armored vehicles of the Russian terrorists did not make it to the combat zone.”

 According to reports a convoy of five Z-STS Akhmats belonging to the 34th Russian Independent Motorized Rifle Brigade (MRB) was driving across the Crimean Bridge in the direction of occupied Crimea on their way to join up with elements of the brigade in Pridneprovsk.

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Russia Caught Once Again Using Fake Videos

Belarus Says Will Host Russian Nuclear Arms Due to Western 'Pressure'

Belarus said Tuesday it was forced to host Russian nuclear weapons due to "unprecedented" Western pressure, insisting their deployment did not violate international agreements.

"Belarus is forced to take response actions to strengthen its own security and defence capability," the foreign ministry said in a statement, adding Minsk has been subjected to "unprecedented" political and economic pressure from the United States and its allies.

Kyiv Post Morning Memo – Everything You Need to Know on Tuesday, March 28

Good morning from Kyiv. Russia launched a number of overnight attacks against Ukrainian cities, including a drone attack on the capital and surrounding region.

Air raid sirens sounded just after 10 p.m., an all too depressingly familiar occurrence that Kyiv’s residents now face with a familiar sense of resignation.

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President Acts to Guarantee Openness in Defense Ministry's Procurement Process

Since the beginning of the year, a corruption scandal in the Ministry of Defense has been raging in the space. The publication of articles, by the investigative journalist Yuriy Nikolov, led to the dismissal of senior officials and the start of anti-corruption investigations. He managed to obtain a copy of one of the contracts worth more than UAH 13 billion, for food supplied to the Ukrainian army, between a private company and the Ministry of Defense. It was only one of 8 contracts for food that the Ministry of Defense signed in December 2022 for the whole of 2023.

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EXPLAINED: Heavy Tanks Have Finally Arrived in Ukraine – Here’s What You Need to Know

Kyiv’s expected spring offensive received a huge boost on Monday evening with the announcement that German and British heavy tanks had finally arrived in Ukraine.

 The tanks – long an item on Ukraine’s military equipment wish list – were promised to Kyiv earlier this year and will provide a key infusion of armored firepower that will aid the battle against entrenched Russian troops.

How many of the tanks are now in Ukraine?

 German Chancellor Olaf Scholz told journalists on Monday that Berlin had provided “very modern” Leopard battle tanks to Kyiv, with the defense ministry later saying 18 were delivered.

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