The recent developments in the Middle East have left a lasting impression on me. I sincerely sympathize with the people of Israel who have suffered a terrible terrorist attack. You have my unconditional support.

I also express my heartfelt condolences to Ukrainian families of the victims caught up in these atrocities. My message to you – if you have any problems with communication, please feel free to contact me. I will use all the opportunities at hand to help you learn more about the fate of your loved ones.

People of Israel – today, the heart of Odesa beats in unison with your courageous heart. You welcomed Ukrainian refugees when Russia attacked our country. We are grateful and ready to lend a shoulder to the Israeli people who are currently under rocket fire, just like those in our beloved Odesa.


The people of Ukraine and Israel have always shared a close bond. We are connected by centuries of shared history, generations of families with children sharing Ukrainian and Jewish blood, and cultures whose mutual enrichment has given the world many talented works.

Now, more than ever, we must stand united in the face of a common enemy that poses an existential threat to the very existence of our respective peoples and countries.

I am convinced that recent events will lead to the rallying of the entire civilized world. As our President, Volodymyr Zelensky, noted: "When a terrorist attack like this occurs, everyone who values life should stand united."

Polish Government Latest to Confirm Probable Illegal Use of Pegasus Spyware
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Polish Government Latest to Confirm Probable Illegal Use of Pegasus Spyware

Prime Minister Donald Tusk admitted that his predecessors had used the Israeli spyware to illegally monitor the activities of political and (probably) other opponents.

The recent attack on Israel has highlighted that terrorism and military aggression are global problems, which affect the entire world and not just specific countries like Israel or Ukraine. Unfortunately, some politicians have been trying to distance themselves from the war, calling it a "regional conflict" and suggesting that the demands of terrorists should be fulfilled or that territorial concessions should be made to appease the aggressor. However, this approach has proved ineffective in dealing with the situation.


For now, sadly, terrorists seem to unite faster than good people. But if we overcome isolationism, we can truly make the world a better and safer place.

There is no doubt that Israel will stand tall and win – like there is no doubt about the victory of Ukraine in its life-and-death struggle against a terrorist state. But long-term security can be established only when the enemy – terror as a phenomenon and all of its sponsors – is destroyed. This should happen through the joint efforts of the entire international community, which has to unite around the universal value of human life. And the Ukrainian Peace Formula can provide an opportunity to achieve this goal.

Oleksiy Leonov, People's Deputy of Ukraine

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I don´t understand how you can support and be sympathetic with a country that hasn´t help Ukraine, not a single weapon from its huge arseal, not a round of ammunition. To add insult to injury, Putin says that Ukraine, the Ukrainians and Zelensky are nazis, and Israel seems to agree because keeps looking to other side, while Iran sends thousands of drones to Putin. How can Ukraine feel sorry for Israel? Netanyahu creates a new Jewish Inquisition in Israel, but this time for Muslims and Christians. Netanyahu has learnt nothing from History, and will pay the consequences. In the meantime, Ukraine and the EU pay de consequences of his huge mistake.
Joseph Swanson
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NO! NO Oleksiy Leonov, the people of Ukraine do NOT stand with the terrorist apartheid state of Israel. IF...IF YOU support Israel then you support russia because Israel is doing the same thing to Palestinians that russia is doing to us.
Furthermore, I am disgusted and ashamed that people like you and that idiot president of ours would support a nation that does NOT support us.
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Thank you Oleksiy. So said. Let's just remember we are all people and while I am a Jew and support Israel, I also feel sorry for innocents on the other side. Make no mistake, the people who carried out these attacks should be condemned for their inhuman acts, but we also need to remember that Jews, Moslems and Christians have much more in common than what separates us. Wish you and the proud Ukrainian people continued strength.