The latest Forbes ranking of billionaires puts eight Ukrainians on the list of the elite richest. The magazine counted 1,226 billionaires in the world, led by Mexico’s Carlos Slim with an estimated net worth of $69 billion.

Rinat Akhmetov ranked 39th, the highest of any Ukrainian, with a net worth of $16 billion mainly from his steel and coal mine assets. The 45-year-old’s conglomerate, Systems Capital Management, is also highly diversified with assets in real estate and media.

Far down the list, in this order, were:

· Victor Pinchuk, 51, the steel magnate, in 255th place with $4.2 billion;

· Ihor Kolomoyskyy, 49, the banker and investor, in 377th place with $3 billion;

· Henadiy Boholyubov, 50, the banker and investor, at 418th place with $2.8 billion;

· Kostyantin Zhevago, 38, the banker and mine owner, at 719th place with $1.8 billion;


· Yuriy Kosiuk, 43, agriculture, at 960th place, with $1.3 billion;

· Petro Poroshenko, 46, the confectionery, at 1153rd place, with $1 billion; and

· Andrey Verevsky, 37, agriculture, at 1153rd place, with $1 billion.

Here is the link to the Forbes list.

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