The successful use of the US made M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) by Ukraine against the Russian invasion has resulted in huge demand for the system from European members of NATO.

In response to this, representatives of the US V Corps brought together senior military leaders from a number of European countries to the Polish Artillery School in the north-central city of Torun, for a summit of the European High Mobility Artillery Rocket System Initiative during the period April 17-19.

The summit was addressed on tactical concepts as well as organizational, training and logistical considerations for the future use of HIMARS and similar long-range systems. It featured remarks from subject matter experts and included static displays as well as modest social activities.

Panelists discussed topics spanning from employment of long-range rocket artillery in large scale conflict, effective targeting and achievement of improved accuracy through the use of precision technology for systems management, operational processes and integration.

The Minister of Defense of Poland, Mariusz Blaszczak, who attended the summit announced Poland’s plans to create a “HIMARS academy” on Twitter on April 18 which would provide centralized training on the use of the missile system for NATO partners.

In 2019, Poland ordered 20 HIMARS, including 18 combat and two training launchers at a cost of $414 million, which it followed up in May last year for a further 484 rocket launchers at a cost of $10 billion. The 18 complete systems, based on US chassis, will be delivered in 2023. The remainder, which will be mounted on Polish-made chassis will be delivered in subsequent years.

It was reported that a number of other countries have ordered systems, including Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania and, of course, Ukraine which recently order 18 more units. However, the bulk of the requested deliveries may not begin until 2025 at the earliest, as the manufacturer, Lockheed Martin, is only just upgrading its manufacturing capability to be able to produce 8 HIMARS missile systems per month in the next two years.


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Nic O
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@jack griffin. Still believe the election was stolen, despite a complete lack of credible proof, and the fact that Foxnews higher ups never believed it either, or so we have been told. Who knows, maybe with enough lead and silver, or "plomo y plata" as they say down Mexico way, anything could be possible...right?
Jack Griffin
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See. The election in the United States was stolen to put a pro-Military Industrial Complex empty vessel in the White House. The empty vessel virtually invited/enabled/empowered Putrid to invade Ukraine. What ensued was a ongoing advertisement for the Military Industrial Complex to market its hardware to NATO. Cha-ching! at the expense of the Ukrainian people. Give Ukraine the long range missiles fired from HIMARS platforms to remove any sanctuary Russia currently enjoys in The Crimea. Destroy the Kerch Strait bridges. Destroy the Kerch strait ferries. Destroy the Russian airfields on Mother Russian soil that pose a threat to Ukraine's territorial security.

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@Jack Griffin, Confused. The fake stolen election issue has long been put to bed in Court.
In any case the election outcome would not have had any effect on Putins long held intentions, and subsequent invasion of Ukraine.

If Trump had won then Ukraine might have been quickly defeated because he has since made clear his intentions to support Putin by disingenuously stating he wanted to avoid WW3, hence would “resolve” the Ukraine issue in about a week! Presumably that means abandoning Ukraine and green lighting this ongoing Russian atrocity.
The other Presidential candidate from Florida already decided the Ukraine issue is a territorial dispute that does not involve core US interests! Beyond dumb or totally disingenuous. Take your pick !

Also confused about statements concerning the military industrial complex in the US (and Europe) , the accelerated function of which, is essential to defeating Putin.

This war has again proven that it’s not about what military stocks you start with, but how fast your supply chains can produce, that determines who will win.

That’s why China actually holds all the cards! I.e. Vastly superior production capacity.

The US and EU currently have a pathetic capacity to produce weapons and ammunition, as is evident by grossly inadequate and drip fed donations thus far, and total inability to significantly ramp up even after 12 months!
Thankfully Russia is in a similar situation!
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@Jack Griffin, ditto
Nic O
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@Jack Griffin,