Before the outbreak of the full-scale war against Ukraine, Bakhmut was a thriving city characterized by its lush greenery, expansive parks, and charming Soviet-era aesthetic.

Today, however, the city’s peaceful facade has been shattered as it has now become the hottest spot on the front line, witnessing fierce battles and widespread destruction.

On Thursday, April 20, Ukraine’s Defense Ministry released footage depicting the pre-war Bakhmut, a poignant reminder of the city’s former beauty and the devastating impact of the ongoing conflict.

Bakhmut, located in eastern Ukraine, has become a powerful symbol of Ukrainian resistance as its defenders continue to hold out against Russia’s shelling and assaults by waves of Wagner mercenaries, whose commanders seem to have no regard for casualties.


Recent drone footage of Bakhmut from the air reveals the once peaceful and beautiful city transformed into a ghost town of rubble, serving as a grim testament to the senselessness of Russia’s annihilation of cities it claims to be liberating.

This city has withstood the longest battle since Russia launched its full-scale invasion on Feb. 24 of last year. It testifies to the resilience and determination of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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