An explosion occurred near the Azyaryshcha railway station, a crucial hub for loading Russian military equipment in the Minsk region.

According to reports, the incident took place around 11:30 p.m. on Thursday night, October 5, with first reports suggesting that the railway line was hit with an explosive device.

The Union of Railway Workers of Belarus, was cited by Radio Svoboda, as saying that the explosion resulted in damage to the railway track section and switching mechanism, which connect the station main line and the freight yard which is periodically used to handle Russian military equipment.

Additionally, the Belarusian news-site Nasha Niva reported that ambulances were seen in the area of the railway sometime after 2 a.m. which gave an indication of the severity of the explosion. The blast was so powerful that it there were reports of it being heard in the Uručča and Zelenyye Luza areas of Minsk 8-kilometer from the sites.


Residents of the military town of Uručča are currently being interviewed by security forces, according to readers of one Belarusian publication.

"Radio Svoboda" emphasized that Azyaryshcha serves as the primary station for loading Russian military equipment in the Minsk region, which is in proximity to the 120th and 127th signal brigades, as well as the 56th signal regiment.

The Center of Transport Strategies publication noted that from this station, there are connections to the Orsha, Kolodishchi and Horodyshche stations. Horodyshche station is adjacent to a branch to the railway line to military unit No. 42776.

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Chinese Troops Kick Off Joint ‘Anti-Terrorism’ Exercise in Belarus, Opposite NATO’s Eastern Border

Both Minsk and Beijing said the training was scheduled a long ago and the China’s force projection to the Atlantic Alliance’s eastern frontier was peaceful and not provocative.

The Kolodishchi station is linked to the Shabany station via a separate route. This route enables a bypass around Minsk when traveling along the Orsha-Brest route or vice versa. This bypass is actively employed to enhance the secrecy of transporting Russian equipment, munitions, and personnel in the direction of Baranovichi and Lunyntsi.

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