The Verkhovna Rada has announced that it will allocate funds previously allocated to the construction of the Holodomor Museum to increase funding for the provision of prosthetics for veterans injured during Russia's war against Ukraine.

Addressing the 2024 draft budget, the head of the parliament’s Committee on Budget, Roksolana Pidlasa, highlighted the increase in social spending during a national telethon.

“We will double social spending for the rehabilitation of veterans of the Ukrainian-Russian war,” Pidlasa stated.

She further mentioned that the budget committee has decided to reallocate resources from the Holodomor Museum to support servicemen in need of prosthetics.

The parliamentarian also emphasized the government's mandate to investigate the possible reduction of funds dedicated to the production of cultural projects, including TV serials and films.


“We understand that perhaps the entire sum should not be withdrawn, as Russian propaganda continues to be effective. Russian propaganda is creating films propagating events in Bucha and Mariupol. Ukrainian cinematography should also produce films about the recent history of Ukraine,” Pidlasa stated.

Simultaneously, parliament deems it appropriate to allocate much of the funds designated for entertainment series and films to the rehabilitation of the military.

ON Monday, it was revealed that the budget committee of the Verkhovna Rada had endorsed the findings and recommendations for the draft law on the state budget for the upcoming year. In line with the proposal, expenditure on the construction of the Holodomor Museum and television series may be omitted from the state budget.

Russia’s Combat Losses in Ukraine Up by 1,100 in Past Day, Per Kyiv Government
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Russia’s Combat Losses in Ukraine Up by 1,100 in Past Day, Per Kyiv Government

Official Russian losses according to Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU) General Staff, as reported to the Ukrinform state news agency. Human casualties include those killed and wounded, unable to fight.
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