Ukrainian partisans from the “ATESH” movement infiltrated Russia’s Nizhny Novgorod Airfield, exposing a hideout for Russian fighter jets.

The guerrilla informants from the Crimean partisan movement said that Russian troops relocated aircraft to this airfield away from the Ukrainian border, ostensibly for their protection.

Some combat planes are undergoing repairs there.

“Our agent conducted a detailed reconnaissance of the airfield of the Sokil factory, which is located near the village of Vostok. We investigated the exact number of aircraft and found out what types of aircraft are stationed there,” the partisans wrote on their Telegram channel, which including photos of the airfield and aircraft.

The exact coordinates of the airfield were disclosed as 56.323425, 43.8075062.


ATESH said that the relocation of the Russian planes may not guarantee their safety.

Subsequently, the ATESH representative told Kyiv Post that the partisan movement regularly conducts reconnaissance of military facilities in both Russia and territories occupied by Russian forces in Ukraine.

Kyiv Post sought clarification on why the partisans chose to publish the photo on social networks instead of directly relaying the acquired information to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“We provide a variety of information to our military. We share (on social media, - ed.) only information that can be safely disclosed. Everything was approved by the military to avoid causing any harm,” the representative said.

Rebuilding Ukraine – Institutionalization of Feedback
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Rebuilding Ukraine – Institutionalization of Feedback

A lack of honest, unbiased, and regular feedback from Ukraine’s senior leadership is a massive barrier to their effectiveness and overall organizational performance.

“Our movement considers it necessary to inform the public not only about successful operations, but also about daily activities. This allows us to keep people informed about the state of affairs of the hated occupiers, as well as to attract new agents to our ranks,” he said.

In late summer, the Russian publication "Verstka" analyzed reports from the Russian Ministry of Defense, media outlets, and OSINT researchers.


The publication highlighted at least nine successful attacks by Ukrainian special services and the Armed Forces on air bases in Russian regions, temporarily occupied Crimea and Belarus.

On Tuesday, Ukraine launched ATACMS missiles at Russian airfields in Russian-occupied Berdyansk and Luhansk. Kyiv said that this strike damaged runways, destroyed nine helicopters, an air defense launcher, and an ammunition warehouse.

Since the start of the full-scale Russian invasion, Ukraine has reportedly destroyed or damaged Russian aircraft.

One of the most significant strikes was on Aug. 9, 2022, at the Saki airfield in Crimea, resulting in the loss of four Su-30SM fighters and seven Su-24M bombers for Russia.

Additionally, Ukraine executed three successful attacks in August of this year, targeting airfields in the Novgorod, Kaluga, and Pskov regions of Russia on August 19, 21, and 30. The attacks resulted in the destruction of two Tu-22M bombers, with four IL-76 transport planes and other unnamed aircraft sustaining damages.

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