Ukrainian “Baba Yaga” drones continue to target Russian infantry dugouts, according to reports shared by the Gruz 200 Ukrainian Telegram channel.

Gruz 200 released two videos Monday, April 15 sourced from Russian channels, showing the burning aftermath of bombed dugouts.

Kyiv Post has not been able to independently verify the location and time of the videos. The moment of the drone impact is not seen in the footage. It is also difficult to determine if the destroyed dugouts were indeed Russian.

Ukrainian specialists have repurposed the “Baba Yaga” drone from a large hexacopter used in agriculture before the full-scale war. These drones, known as night bombers, release various powerful munitions on Russian positions, including cumulative shells against armored vehicles and anti-armored munitions for precise targeting of enemy personnel.


The name “Baba Yaga” draws from the mythological figure in Slavic folklore – an evil witch flying on a broom, consuming people, and capable of transforming heroes into animals.

In a conversation with Kyiv Post, a Ukrainian aerial scout disclosed that the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) employ a range of homemade and mass-produced multicopters. These drones navigate to Russian positions at night using thermal (night) optics to target equipment and fortifications.

The attack UAVs are notably loud, earning them the nickname “Baba Yaga” from the Russian troops. The heavy strike drone can carry up to 20 kilograms of explosives and flies low to enhance accuracy.

“These multicopters are exclusively used at night due to their noise and low operating height, precisely when infantry conducts rotations and evacuation maneuvers,” the Ukrainian serviceman reported.

He revealed that the drones may carry mortar shells, improvised explosive devices, hand grenades, remote-action incendiary mixtures, and anti-tank mines for demining.


“Baba Yaga is often used to destroy [Russian] heavy equipment that was knocked out in assaults, which is why such a complex has proven itself to be effective,” the aerial scout told Kyiv Post.

Andriy Otchenash, crew commander of the “Kara Nebesna” UAV of the 4th “Rubizh” Brigade of the Ukrainian National Guard, described these drones as versatile “little birds” capable of qualitatively destroying entire dugouts, “that’s why the Russians are very afraid of them.”

“We dropped 60mm shells from drones and could not sufficiently destroy the enemy’s positions. At night, our legendary ‘Baba Yaga’ with a modified anti-tank mine flew to a certain dugout, dropped the mine, and scattered it in different directions,” he said.

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