The joint declaration signed by representatives from numerous countries and organizations following the Ukraine Peace Summit in Switzerland urges the return of all prisoners of war (POW) and deportees to Ukraine, along with Kyiv's control over the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant.

According to reports, 80 countries and four organizations signed the declaration, but notable non-signatories include Saudi Arabia, Thailand, India, Mexico, South Africa, Brazil, and the United Arab Emirates, as reported by Radio Svoboda.

The full list of the declaration signers/Radio Svoboda


Initially, Reuters published the complete text of the draft communique, highlighting three key priorities: the return of the Zaporizhia NPP to Ukrainian control, ensuring unrestricted access to the Black and Azov seas, and the release and repatriation of all prisoners and deportees to Ukraine.

Subsequently, the communique was officially released on the website of the Ukrainian Presidential Office.

“The ongoing war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine continues to cause large-scale human suffering and destruction, and to create risks and crises with global repercussions for the world,” the declaration stated.

The document reaffirms the signatories’ commitment to refraining from using force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state. It underscores the importance of respecting the sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity of all states, including Ukraine, within their recognized borders and resolving disputes peacefully under international law.

The signatories share a common vision on critical issues. According to the declaration, the use of nuclear energy and facilities must adhere to principles of safety, security, and environmental responsibility. It explicitly denounces any threat or use of nuclear weapons in the ongoing conflict involving Ukraine as unacceptable.


“Ukrainian nuclear power plants and installations, including the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant, must operate safely and securely under full sovereign control of Ukraine, in line with IAEA principles and under its supervision,” the statement read.

The declaration also stresses the importance of global food security, stating that it relies on the uninterrupted production and supply of food products. It declares the necessity of free, full, and safe commercial navigation, as well as access to sea ports in the Black and Azov Seas.

Attacks on merchant ships in ports, along routes, or against civilian ports and infrastructure are deemed unacceptable. The declaration firmly states, “Food security must not be weaponized in any manner,” insisting that Ukrainian agricultural products should be freely and securely available to interested third countries.

Additionally, the document calls for the complete exchange and release of all POWs. It demands the return of all deported and unlawfully displaced Ukrainian children, along with other unlawfully detained Ukrainian civilians.


“We believe that reaching peace requires the involvement of and dialogue between all parties,” the statement said.

The declaration announced plans to take concrete steps in the aforementioned areas, with continued engagement from representatives of all concerned parties.

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