In a recent column for “Ukrainska Pravda”, Belarusian-American political consultant Vitaly Shklyarov called on the Ukrainian authorities to establish contact with the Belarusian opposition leader Sviatlana Tsikhanouska instead of constantly criticizing her.

He made the point that Tsikhanouska consistently and steadfastly stands on Ukraine’s side in the war, and firmly against the criminal nature of Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko’s respective regimes in Russia and Belarus.

“Russia has [used aggression] many times and will not stop doing so,” Shklyarov wrote.

“I believe that there is a high probability that if Ukrainian officials finally got in touch with Svitlana Tsikhanouska and informed her about their concerns, all misunderstandings would be resolved as soon as possible,” Shklyarov added.


He argued that the Council of the Belarusian Kastus Kalinoŭski Regiment, as well as the regiment itself (volunteers fighting on the side of Ukraine) are “admirable and respected by both Ukrainians and Belarusians” and “real heroes”.

In addition, he pointed out that, by supporting Tsikhanouska, Ukraine would not be undermining the authority of the regiment and political future of its Council, nor would that support prevent the regiment from fighting for the freedom of Ukraine.

“Ukraine’s support for Tsikhanouska would help to get closer to these goals, as it would unite the Belarusian opposition and give a new impetus to strengthening fighting in the occupied country,” Shklyarov said.

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“If Ukraine continues to shun Tsikhanouska, it will only lead to an even greater split and frustration and will not bring any benefits to anyone except Putin and Lukashenko,” Shklyarov concluded.

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