Artwork “Ukraine with Putin’s head” by Anton Lohov

Artist Anon Lohov works with painting, performance, video art, and installation.

Last year he won the Objects Art Prize for young artists.

He was born in the Odesa Region and graduated from M. Grekova Odesa Art School.and the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture.

Lohov is an active participant in exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad. When the war started on Feb. 24 he was in Kyiv with his family.

His artworks reflect reality: horrors of the war, fears, and faith in victory.

Artwork “Putin on the red horse” by Anton Lohov

This painting is about the crimes committed by Russians in Ukraine, the commander in chief of all these crimes, Putin, sitting on a red horse. It is an allegory on the artwork “Bathing the Red Horse” by Russian artist Petrov-Vodkin. His story has new relevance today – the dramatic bathing of these red horses is continuing in Ukraine today.

Artwork “Mariupol” by Aton Lohov

The painting “Mariupol” is dedicated to the heroes of Ukraine who have defended  Mariupol. They are unbreakable in spirit and believe in their country. Thanks to these people, Ukraine continues to live.

Artwork, “A woman is bathing in a sea of blood in Crimea.”

“A woman is bathing in a sea of blood in Crimea” depicts an affluent Russian woman. Despite the war, she carries on shopping, has a job, pays taxes for this war, buys a house in Crimea and goes on vacation there – to  bathe in a sea of blood.

Artwork “The Putin’s scream” by Anton Lohov

This one is an allegory on the painting “The scream” by Edvard Munch. It is called “Putin’s scream.” It’s the apotheosis of war and crime, and Putin is screaming. He can’t stop. Everything is not “according to plan.” Putin’s hysteria is emphasized.

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Artwork “Angel over the Skovoroda museum destroyed by the Russians” by Anton Lohov

The painting “Angel over the Skovoroda museum destroyed by the Russians” shows the story of the destruction of the Hryhoriy Skovoroda Museum (Ukrainian philosopher and writer) in the Poltava region by the Russian invaders.

An angel similar in stature to Skovoroda looks on with an expression conveying: “What have you done!”

This year marks 300th Skovoroda’s anniversary. He is a very significant and inspiring philosophical figure for Ukraine. The destruction of the museum has only intensified interest in him.

Artwork “Russians watching the war in Ukraine on television” by Anton Lohov

Painting “Russians watching the war in Ukraine on television” – they are already dead. Zombies! Skeletons gnashing their teeth because there are sanctions and no money. But they contune smiling because victory is promised them by Russian television propaganda. In fact, on the contrary, it’s over for them.

And her are a few more of Lohov’s latest works that speak for themselves.

“Russian bloody kiss” by Anton Lohov
“Russian at the butcher’s” by Anton Lohov
“Bucha” by Anton Lohov
Art by Anton Lohov



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