The Kyiv city administration on April 15 released an updated online map showing facilities that can be used as protective shelters in case of man-made, natural or military emergencies.

The authorities said the new database includes dedicated protective vaults, parts of the subway system, residential buildings and parking areas. Owners of these facilities must allow people to take shelter for free.

According to regulations published on the city administration’s website, employees of vital infrastructure and other people who must continue working during an emergency can take refuge in these shelters. This also includes medical workers and patients who cannot be safely evacuated.

In 2015, Kyiv authorities reported that the capital has close to 3,000 underground areas that can be used as air raid shelters. People can also hunker down in 47 subway stations, 229 underground walkways and 184 parking garages.


According to then deputy head of the Kyiv State City Administration, Petro Panteleyev, the city also operates 150 air raid sirens in all districts.

“As soon as the siren sound can be heard, the city residents have to turn on TV or radio sets, which will broadcast instructions on what to do next,” the official was quoted as saying.

Shelters may become necessary if Russia decides to go through with an invasion of Ukraine.

Since March, Russia has reportedly concentrated nearly 90,000 troops near Ukraine’s eastern border and in Crimea. It’s the largest military buildup since Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014, occupying 7% of its territory.

The Kremlin has also released threatening statements, saying it has the capacity to destroy Ukraine if provoked.

The massive buildup has greatly alarmed Ukraine and multiple NATO countries, including the United States, which vowed to support Kyiv and called on the Kremlin to remove its forces from Ukraine’s border.

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