No other artist is more linked to Art Nouveau than the Viennese
artist, Gustav Klimt. His paintings which are decorated with gold
ornaments are amongst the most expensive in the world today.
Gustav Klimt’s extraordinary portraits of women document the
artistic and scientific discoveries and developments that
shaped Europe around 1900.

For FREYWILLE, a Viennese company
committed to art from its very roots,
Gustav Klimt has been an important
source of inspiration for many years.

“Whoever wants to know something
about me […] should look attentively at
my pictures and there seek to recognize
what I am and what I want.”

Gustav Klimt was born in 1862 Baumgarten, near Vienna in Austria-Hungary, as the second of seven children. His father, formerly from Bohemia, was a gold engraver. In 1876, Klimt was awarded a scholarship to the Vienna School of Arts and Crafts, where he studied until 1883, and received training as an architectural painter. He revered the foremost history painter of the time, Hans Makart. Klimt readily accepted the principles of a conservative training and began working with his brother and a friend, Franz Matsch. By 1880 they had received numerous commissions as a team they called the „Company of Artists“.


The FREYWILLE Hommage à Gustav Klimt collection is a tribute to Vienna’s role in the Art Nouveau and the exceptional artist. The most productive parallel between Gustav Klimt and FREYWILLE is the diligent and careful consideration of every detail.

the Designs
Hommage à


In interpreting KIimt’s work, FREYWILLE’s artists
were inspired by his wonderful artwork, his unique
style and his way of portraying his muses.

Inspired by

Adele Bloch-Bauer and her husband Ferdinand, a wealthy sugar magnate, were passionate collectors and patrons in the Vienna fin de siècle period. Adele was portrayed several times by Klimt. “Adele Bloch-Bauer I”, the iconic expression of Klimt’s Golden Period which is exhibited in the Neue Galerie in New York, inspired FREYWILLE’s artists for this design.

1. Ring “Piccollissima”, Ring “Tango”, Gold 18Kt;  2. Bangle “Diva”, Rings;  3. Watch “Picadilly”

Inspired by THE KISS

The newest addition to the Hommage а Gustav Klimt collection is inspired by the world famous masterpiece „The Kiss“ and is a pure and powerful tribute to love itself. It puts the union of two souls center stage and reflects the symbolic imagery of Klimt in different variations. Like the painting, the design depicts two aspects – the female and the male – each portrayed by specific elements.


During the creative process, our FREYWILLE designer focused on love as her key inspiration. The black and gold tones of the design represent the male aspect whereas soft pastel shades and floral elements are used to express the female aspect. Another important element in the design is the green meadow which can also be found in the original painting. For our designer the meadow represents the source and origin of deep love – it is the meadow that creates feelings like love, romance, tenderness and sensuality.

1. Pendant “Luna Piccola”, Gold 18Kt; 2. Ring “Diva”; 3. Earrings “Cabochon”, Gold 18Kt; 4. Bangle “Aurora”, Gold 18Kt.

Inspired by THE VIRGIN

Gustav Klimt’s world famous painting ‚The Virgin’, made in 1913 and on show at the National Gallery in Prague, forms the inspiration of FREYWILLE’s latest fire-enamel collection.

With its impressive size of 190 x 200cm, the painting showcases a collage of sleeping females indulged in their dreams. The artwork takes a special position with Klimt’s oeuvre, as it depicts a key aspect of the secession movement: The interplay between youth, transientness and mortality, the celebration of beauty  and the phenomenon of the female existence. Captured in oil on canvas, the painting is a striking piece of his art, beaming in sheer hypnotising vivid colours and forms.


Based on the painting, FREYWILLE’s in-house design team has captured essential elements of the artwork to create an artistic interpretation resonating Klimt’s outpour of form and colour. Inspired by the spirals as seen on the blanket patchwork’s pattern, our fire-enamel design team has chosen to feature them prominently, hinting to the spiral as Klimt’s staple element.

1. Pendant “Almond”; 2. Bangle “Donna”; 3. Ring “Diva”; 4. Earrings “Almond”; 5. Earrings “Creoles” (lower);


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