Enjoy The Wood (ETW), a family brand in Ukraine, which produces top-quality handcrafted wooden accessories and customizable world maps. Since 2014, they have sent their signature products, Wooden Maps, to over 100,000 customers in 90 countries. Inspired by customers from all over the world, the brand has become truly unstoppable.

People knew about the value of wood thousands of years ago. This natural product was the only raw material offering good quality at manageable costs until it started being replaced with metal and plastic. The naturalness, warmth and versatility of wooden products is being rediscovered these days and wooden design finds its way and brings nature back into people’s homes and lives.

To own an original piece by Enjoy the Wood is to own a bespoke artwork that will spark dinner conversations for generations. In an increasingly disposable world the ETW magnificently crafted maps will stand out as truly meaningful statement pieces for friends and family to enjoy.


Enjoy The Wood has had five amazing runs on Kickstarter. In 2019, the ETW successfully funded the World’s first 3D Wooden World Map that raised over $500,000. It is still one of its most popular minimalistic wall decoration products. A true bestseller. However, the 2021 launch of the 3D Luminous Colored Wooden World Map, has broken all records, when ETW walked away with over $800,000 to continue revolutionizing the map decor market.

When it comes to map decor, nobody does it better than Enjoy the Wood. A range of fascinating items to choose from in a variety of colors from soft and natural to simply glamorous: 3D Wooden World Map, 3D Colored Wooden World Map, Wooden World Map, Colored Wooden World Map, Cork World Map, 3D LED Wooden World Map, 3D Solid Wooden World Map. And last but certainly not least, the 3D Luminous Colored Wooden World Map, the most innovative product to date, has just gone public. It has a luminescence effect and a magnetic feature and is so much more than a map. Below is the map description by ETW.



With our innovative printing technology, we can offer the highest resolution, incredible precision, and detail, so you can see more and feel more. The products come in a variety of colors: bright and muted, textured and smooth, to fit any taste and interior.


Stores energy during the day, the darker it gets – the brighter it shines. Glows in the dark for up to two hours.


The Map draws you in thanks to its fully magnetic surface. Pick out your favorite pins and place them effortlessly where they belong on the map and in your heart. You can also stick your photos, magnets included.


We have updated our pins and made some new magnetic and sticky ones to mark all your trips, past, present, and future ones. They can be added to the purchase. There are 40 colored pins and eight special events pins.


The Map has an acrylic background, ready to be placed on the wall. The installation takes several hours and there is a video with instructions. You will need to use double-sided sticky tape.  No wires, extra tools, or appliances are required.


We use top-quality fiberboard to handcraft our 3D Luminous Colored Wooden World Maps. In the box, you will find the following items: Map pieces including ocean names, wooden planes, boats and compass, double-sided sticky tape, instructions, corner stencils and a lifetime warranty. The map is available in different sizes.

The product is 100% our own. Our patented customizable world maps and wooden accessories are handcrafted at our workshop, with a keen eye for beauty, meaning and detail. We deeply care about the quality of our products, the novelty of our designs and customer satisfaction.

Life is a journey, not a destination. Life is a puzzle. Keep assembling the pieces of the puzzle. And who knows, by putting the pieces of the puzzle together, you may find a new meaning to your life. Carve your own path with Enjoy the Wood. Enjoy life and enjoy the wood.

A gift or a decoration like no other, an ETW map, regardless which one you choose, is a treat for the whole family, a surprise for house guests, and an object of pride. A perfect conversation starter and a mood setter. It is unique, educational, sustainable and fun, equally entertaining for people across all ages and backgrounds. Look no further. The ETW wooden maps will be a great asset to your home, office or business.


Whether it is reminiscing over paths walked and journeys undertaken or planning future trips, this map will see through your lifetime of travel and adventure. Just like the wood itself carries the memories of its age, the map will carry your memories and dreams.

So, what will the next ETW map look like? The LED backlight feature is the one that the company has been working on. You will be able to control it right from your smartphone. Multiple modes will become available including the twinkle modes. And this is just the beginning of more great things and features to come.

Check out a range of unique products by Enjoy The Wood and order your new 3D Luminous Colored Wooden World Map or any other wooden map of your choice today!

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