Today, we are celebrating our Freedom Day - the anniversary of the day the Belarusian Democratic Republic proclaimed its independence in 1918. We are calling on the world to show solidarity with Belarus on this day.

Belarusians have no other option but to hold rallies and ceremonies abroad, not in our native land. As thousands of people remain behind bars, we can only celebrate this day with a sore heart.

We say “Freedom Day” while realizing that our country is held hostage by the Russian Empire, which is waging an aggressive war against Ukraine, destroying our independence and our identity.

Nevertheless, I am confident that it is within our power to change the situation.

Over all these years, we have learned to appreciate our Belarusian solidarity. We have realized that the path to freedom is neither quick nor easy. We have gained a unique – albeit painful – historical experience. And we are working to utilize it to regain our freedom.


I am convinced: the time will come when we can build the country of our dreams together. Some may say that I am talking about some distant future.

And we can’t know for sure when it will come true – and whether it will at all. But as long as we stand together and do not give up, we are moving towards our victory.

Happy Freedom Day! Long Live Belarus!

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The free world sympathizes with the Belarusian democratic government in exile and the majority voters they represent that got shafted in 2020 by putin and his puppet.

Lukeshenko has also so far made Belarus a useful pawn to putin essentially forcing the Ukrainians to defend its northern border against the russian troops which he hosts. 

However lukeshenko has not committed the Belarusian military to fight against that runs the risk of triggering a civil war in Belarus.

The Ukrainians have enough on their hands presently to also take the risk of making the northern border again more active. Even though Lukeshenko deserves their wraith.

However the goal of the Ukrainians and Belarusian democracy voters remains the same: self determination / freedom from russian oppression. The ONLY means open to the achieve this for Ukraine is to fight with allied support directly against Russian forces. The Belarusian majority is seemingly not yet capable of organizing a similar fight against Lukeshenko's internal thug forces.

Their best route to freedom is to support Ukraine directly by any means possible. When putin falls they shortly thereafter get their freedom. 

Putin's reign of terror in russia and direct / hybrid war meddling in all democracies must be ended.