New videos from the battlefields around Avdiivka illustrate the huge resources Russia is expending in its now months-long effort to take the city.

Geo-located footage released by the Khorne Group of the Ukrainian military, shows dozens of burnt out and destroyed Russian vehicles along the route into Stepove, north of Avdiivka.

In a post on Telegram, the Khorne Group described the scene as an “installation made from burnt equipment, adding: “There are many places like this.”

At least one Russian source confirmed the claim – commenting on a screenshot of the video, pro-Kremlin milblogger Anatoli Radov, wrote: “I’m often accused of exaggerating the number of damaged vehicles, but this is just one of the intersections of forest belts in the Avdiivka area, and there are dozens of such places.”


He claimed Ukraine’s tactics are “the maximum destruction of our equipment and personnel, while on the defensive and retreating to the next positions.”

OSINT analyst Naalsio who has been documenting both Russian and Ukrainian losses during the battle for Avdiivka claims Moscow has lost 574 vehicles while Kyiv has only lost 44.

Russia’s losses reportedly include 182 tanks, 317 armored fighting vehicles and 15 trucks.

Quoting the statistics, another OSINT analyst, Calibre Obscura, mused: “I know the Soviet inheritance is truly huge but if 2024 continues in this vein I really wonder just how many [armored vehicles] Russia will be able to field in 6 or 12 months.”

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Another video that surfaced on Saturday amply illustrated these statistics in action.

The four-minute clip originally released by Ukraine’s 110th Mechanised Brigade, shows drone footage of yet another Russian armored column being decimated in the face of Ukrainian artillery.

Following what appears to be an already mine-cleared route, the line of vehicles approaches a tree line when the second in line explodes.


At least one soldier manages to clamber out of the burning vehicle while those in the vehicles behind disembark.

But instead of advancing on the treeline, most appear to flee in the direction they came.

Later in the clip the bodies of Russian soldiers can be seen while one who survived desperately tries to put out the flames on a burning comrade.

The British Ministry of Defense (MoD) in its latest daily update assessed Russia’s “main priority” currently “is the city of Avdiivka.”

It added: “The Russians are mounting a three-pronged attack to encircle the city from the south and north, and also fighting on the outskirts of the eastern quarter of Avdiivka city itself.

“Russian forces have suffered heavy personnel and armoured vehicle losses, frequently caused by Ukrainian uncrewed aerial vehicle munitions.”

As Kyiv Post reported on Friday, Russian forces have made some small gains thanks in part to a switching of tactics.

In late January, according to multiple reports, Kremlin forces appeared to switch the main direction of attacks away from the open fields and rolling hills to the north and west of Avdiivka, to attacks from the south and east of the city.


Some pro-Kremlin information platforms claimed local Russian commanders successfully infiltrated as many as 150 special operations fighters into south Avdiivka and the Tsarska Okhota park by using the local sewage and drainage network.

Still images and video published by the Moscow-supporting Voenniy Osvedomitel’ Telegram blog on Jan. 25 showed Russian-speaking soldiers using cutting torches inside a tunnel.

A masked man said his unit was reconnaissance troops and that recent sneak attacks against Kyiv positions, launched from the local sewage system, went well.

But so far the Ukrainian defenses are largely holding.

The British MoD concluded: “Ukrainian counterattacks are holding Russian forces from progressing further within the city.

“As the main supply route remains intact, and Ukrainian forces make local counterattacks, Avdiivka is likely to remain in Ukrainian control over the coming weeks.”

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