Sweden will provide Ukraine with its largest package of military assistance, the 15th package that Stockholm has promised which “in the end, it is about humanity and decency,” according to Swedish Defense Minister Pål Jonson.

“It's also about protecting values and interests that are important to Sweden and Sweden's interests,” he added.

The package is understood to include:

  • 10 Stridsbåt 90-class amphibious assault boats;
  • 20 other amphibious assault boats;
  • underwater weapons such as mines and torpedoes;
  • a number of anti-aircraft systems such as Robot 70;
  • Anti-tank robots of the TOW model;
  • Grenade launchers with ammunition;
  • Artillery ammunition;
  • Hand grenades;
  • Grenade launchers "Karl Gustav";
  • Medical equipment;
  • Ambulances; Ambulances.

The aid package also includes about SEK 1 billion ($96 million) for the joint purchase of CV 90 armored vehicles for Ukraine by Sweden and Denmark.

SEK 400 million ($38 million) will be allocated to various educational initiatives for Ukrainians.

Jonson said that this package was intended to address some of Ukraine's most pressing needs.

“Russia's war on Ukraine is also a war against the rules-based order. Ukraine is not only defending its own freedom but that of all of Europe. Sweden will stand with Ukraine for as long as it takes. Russia cannot be allowed to win this war,” he said.


Taking into account previous packages, Sweden has provided Ukraine with a total of just over SEK 30 billion ($2.9 billion).

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