In what likely came as a surprise to many Ukrainians, Russians at the funeral of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny spontaneously started chanting “Ukrainians are good people.”

Ukrainian economist and former economics minister Tymofiy Mylovanov posted a video of the crowd chanting the words on “X” (formerly Twitter).

“Russian chant ‘Ukrainians are good people’ at Navalny funeral. That’s shocking for me. But it should be shocking for Putin,” Mylovanov wrote.

Thousands of mourners had gathered near a church in southern Moscow on March 1 for Navalny’s funeral.

Navalny died in an Arctic prison. His supporters accuse Russian President Vladimir Putin of murdering his top critic. The Kremlin has denied involvement in Navalny’s death and warned against “unauthorized” protests at the funeral.


While Navalny was a harsh critic of Putin, many Ukrainians are lukewarm or ambivalent toward the anti-corruption leader, who had said that illegally annexed Crimea would remain a part of Russia.

That said, in a meeting with the European Parliament on Feb. 28, Navalny’s wife, Yulia Navalnaya spoke harshly against Putin, both for the death of her husband and for its invasion of Ukraine calling it a “brutal and sneaky war” against “a neighboring peaceful country.”

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David Steel
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Putin and his government cannot hold back the will of the people forever, sooner or later the dam will break.

The cost of living has soared in Russia while the standard of public services has fallen and is set to get even worse as Putin stated in his speech that the economy would focus on the war and defence spending.Putin saying 'we are in this for the long haul' from his billion dollar home is not resonating with people.

That has shattered the expectation of ordinary Russians of a quick victory in Ukraine. Most can surely see he has failed them, its hard to ignore when you live in a freezing apartment with little food and no luxury items due to the mass exodus of western brands.

The Russian elite should see which way the wind is blowing, if they want to survive they should replace Putin with a pro peace leader before their own citizens inspired by Navalny rise up in revolution.

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@David Steel, Great post. Probably the most compelling way I've yet seen this shared sentiment worded!