France organized a follow-up teleconference bringing together foreign and defense ministries to discuss the war in Ukraine. However, they ‘learned their lesson’ and did not invite Slovakia because of its pro-Russian stance.

Representatives from 28 countries, including Ukraine and the US, held an ad hoc ministerial teleconference on Thursday (March 7) to follow up on last week’s Ukraine summit in Paris.

But no Slovak representatives were invited to the follow-up meeting organized by France. The Slovak government has not commented on this situation.

“The French have learnt their lesson,” two sources told the Slovak newspaper Denník N., referring to last week’s controversial comments by Prime Minister Robert Fico, which caused a stir.

During a meeting before the Paris summit, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico “slammed the West’s strategy towards Ukraine,” by asserting that the EU wanted to send soldiers to fight in Ukraine. He also declared that he “will do anything to prevent the direct participation of Slovak soldiers in the war.”


Following Fico’s comments, the issue of sending Western troops to Ukraine became the topic of the conference that was the most debated.

According to Richard Sulík, leader of one of the main opposition parties SaS, Slovakia’s absence from the meeting was a huge disgrace for the country.

“We won’t be invited to Western Europe anymore. At least we still have Belarus and Russia, right? The diplomacy of Fico’s government and Foreign Minister Juraj Blanár is such a terrible shame,” Sulík wrote in a social media post.

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France’s decision follows the comments of former Slovakian defense minister Jaroslav Naď. The pro-Western politician recalled that Fico was not even originally called to the Paris summit, but France sent him an invitation after he specifically “requested” it.

Naď also stated that since Fico took power, Slovakia is no longer invited to various closed forums within the EU and NATO due to its pro-Russian stance.


“Former ministerial colleagues tell me that allies are afraid of information leaks. They perceive there is an unconstructive approach on the Slovakian side. In other words, Slovak foreign policy is currently in extremely bad shape, and is an embarrassment for us,” Naď told the press last week.

The decision not to invite Slovak representatives to the teleconference came just a day after the Czech government suspended intergovernmental cooperation with Slovakia, citing “significant differences on foreign policy issues.”

Slovakia’s descent into isolation may be further exacerbated by yesterday’s selection of Pavol Gašpar as the new de facto head of the country’s top intelligence agency – the Slovak Information Service (SIS).

To appoint him, Fico’s government had to change the agency’s statute to bypass pro-EU Slovak president Zuzana Čaputová.

The new SIS chief, Pavol Gašpar, is the son of Tibor Gašpar, a member of parliament from Fico’s Smer party and a former police chief, currently on trial for forming and leading an organized crime group.


Gašpar is well known for being a fervent admirer of his father, facing charges for false statements, lying under oath, and suspected of giving a bribe of €60,000 to police officers.

This article by Natália Silenská is reprinted from Euractiv. See the original here.

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Fico joined the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia in 1986 before Slovakia's referendum severed them off. He formed his new Slovakian political party SMER, which made it to power. However, in 2018 he was forced to resign for ties to the murder of investigative journalist Ján Kuciak. Yet Slovakians selected him again last year. Dum, Da, DUM, DUM.

So yesterday Slovakia changes its laws to bypass political opponents and allow electing a new intelligence chief from SMER ranks, who is on trial for starting a group linked to organized crime. Suspense builds....what rights will your MRGA party take away next?

The rest of the EU apparently does not want to risk Slovakia's inclusion in any security related discussions. As a 1.4 trillion net beneficiary of EU support, I suggest they also cut that to net zero until such a point as Slovakia elects a non russia aligned leader...if it is any longer possible to now have a non putin style elections.

USA be forwarded of your criminal led MRGA party's intent. What it will mean for your nation's isolation in the world. What will it mean to your economy and freedoms. How would you wrestle back a democracy if former insurrectionist putinrump (who adores putin leadership style) gets in power?

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@JOHn, you are an uneducated, illiterate Leftist spewing garbage. It is time for you to 1) Move out of Mommy's basement; 2) Get a job; and 3) Learn some critical thinking skills.

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@Veritas, I'll see your 3 options and raise you one.

I will continue on this Kyiv supporting site (and others) as long as necessary to debunk and expose the MRGA regimes leadership as being as corrupt and criminal as it is.

I would like to thank the you MRGA trolls though, for making my job easier. You guys are doing a fine job.

I'm curious are you seeing a lot of new folks wanting to join your rankness? I mean your profanity, insults and bullying efforts make it look so desirable and all. I'll bet you have some awesome office parties.
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Hungary is another country that cannot be trusted and should be excluded from any meeting where Russia is the topic. Orban for internet and purposes is a Russian agent.