The terrible invasion of Ukraine shook the hearts of people from around the world. Many people want to help and express their support for Ukrainians. People try to help in different ways, depending on their possibilities. Someone collects humanitarian aid, someone sends money, others take in refugees. And some joined the ranks of the Foreign Legion. This is because people not only help Ukrainians to defend their independence, but want to protect democratic values ​​in the whole world.

Cultural figures are also getting involved, so they express their support and sympathy through art. Stuart Carbran, songwriter and producer at the recording studio in London’s “Rollover Studios”, wrote the song “Whatever Happened” when he saw the news from Ukraine.

“I was extremely horrified and saddened by this horrific invasion of Ukraine. And the melody and initial lyric just came into my head naturally from the heart”, Stuart talks about the birth of the idea.

The song, with its touching lyrics about events in Ukraine, was performed by Carly Davis. Carly’s mother, Nina Davis, is Ukrainian. Her family left Ukraine in search of political asylum more than 50 years ago, when Nina was a child.

“Because of my mom’s connection with Ukraine, because she was born in Kyiv, it makes the song so much more important. I mean it is very important to be singer as the daughter of someone who was born in Ukraine”, Carly Davis told BBC London News.

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The duo Alyona Alyona & Jerry Heil made a striking entrance on the Turquoise Carpet. Their outfits, adorned with keys, symbolized homes lost due to the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Carly performs the song at many charity concerts for Ukraine in the UK, showing support from British people.

“I really think the song, with its poignant lyrics and the way she has sung it would touch the hearts of the Ukrainian community here in the UK, Ukraine and around the world”, the creator song’s emphasizes.

After lots of hard work, the team recorded a video clip of the song to share with the whole world.

“I truly think this song will touch the hearts of many. Sending all our love and prayers to the people of Ukraine,” Carly writes under the video with the song on YouTube.


Later on, British Member of Parliament Dean Russell was so impressed with the singer and the song that he sent it to Ukraine’s  ambassador in Britain, Vadym Prystaiko. The team are hoping that Carly can perform the song live for him.

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