Alina Pash, Ukraine’s Eurovision 2022 candidate, who only recently won the right to compete for Ukraine with her song “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors” is facing a possible disqualification, after allegations of vote-rigging emerged, as well as reports of an illegal trip to the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea, which is currently occupied by Russia.

Immediately after the announcement of the results, the members of the Kalush Orchestra, who received 6 points from the judges and 8 from the audience, reported falsifications.

In addition, the band’s leader Oleh Psyuk spoke about his intention to sue. Behind the scenes, the young man asked the organizers to show the protocol with the results, but, according to him, they simply closed the door in front of them.

'After the door was opened, everyone ran away. We want justice, just show us this card and all. I think it's a very strange position. If everything was fine, there would be no such action. If everything is fair, it is immediately shown. All people support us. I am sure that we won by a huge margin,' said Psyuk.


In addition,  presenter Timur Miroshnychenko was confused about the numbers when announcing the scores. This also raised questions among participants.

The organizers of the competition told reporters that there was no falsification and the results are fair and just. In particular, a member of the jury of the National Selection Yaroslav Lodygin assured that an internal inspection will be conducted to find out how the votes were counted.

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Who is Alina Pash?

Pash is a Ukrainian singer and rapper. Since 2012, she has collaborated with various bands and was a backing vocalist for famous Ukrainian singers. She gained fame after participating in the song contest “X-Factor”. In the final she took third place.

The song “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors” is about the difficult fate of the Ukrainian people. However, according to the singer, the composition is not about suffering, but about courage.


Some Ukrainians on social networks criticized the results of the competition. Among the main claims is that Alina Pash visited the peninsula and Russia after the occupation of Crimea.

Ukrainians also published photos where the singer is dressed in clothes painted in the Russian flag.

Judgement call

Ukraine’s Public Broadcaster, which organized the contest, said in a statement that so far they had seen no evidence of any violations:

“The information provided as evidence of violation of the requirements of the National Selection does not contain facts and documents confirming the finalist’s violation of the rules of crossing the border of Ukraine. The broadcaster is guided by the relevant law of Ukraine and the presumption of innocence until proven otherwise.”







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