Ukrainians will fight until the last invader leaves their land – former OSCE monitor Stefan Korshak

Stefan Korshak, senior defense specialist, and former OSCE monitor has lived and worked in Ukraine since 2015.

After sending his wife and child to safety in Colorado, Stefan returned to Kyiv together with his cat. In this interview with the Kyiv Post, he discusses his experience in the occupied territories of Donbas since Russia’s invasion of the region in 2014. He says there were a lot of Russian soldiers, opportunists, and volunteers there, and that these occupied territories could not brag about having a good economy or freedoms.

Stefan recalls Mariupol and how unprepared the Ukrainian army was back in 2014. Unlike now, in 2022, when Ukrainians are demonstrating high-level fighting skills and are eager to resist effectively until the last Russian leaves Ukraine. This interview will give you greater insight into Stefan’s experience and Ukrainian realities.