The unthinkable is happening. For the first time since 1917, we could be witnessing the complete collapse of the Russian regime. The whole establishment structure is coming apart at the seams.

Assuming no nuclear weapons are used and the Freedom of Russia Legion continues to grow, rather than just fizzle out, we could be witnessing the death throes of the Kremlin autocracy. How humanity reacts to the political, economic and social fallout of the collapse will determine the world’s direction for generations to come.

Even Russian propagandists know their days are numbered. They are far less confrontational than they were right at the beginning of the full-scale phase of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. Yet, they still have the audacity to call themselves journalists and civilians.

They are neither civilians, nor journalists. They are greedy war criminals, and they know it. Terrified of The Hague, with no way out, Russian propagandists will get rid of the incriminating evidence against themselves, perhaps even kill themselves, rather than stand trial for their crimes.

There’s no future for them anywhere in the world. Well, maybe North Korea or some other twisted realm. These people are mentally deranged, and they can’t imagine the world without their warped version of Russia, let alone being forced by the so-called Satanic West to stand trial at The Hague.

Speaking of Satanism, the demons in hell will quickly cure the newcomers of their genocidal imperial pride. Daria Dugina and Vladlen Tatarsky can attest to that.

Ever More Bizarre Russian ‘Frankenstein Tanks’ Appear
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Ever More Bizarre Russian ‘Frankenstein Tanks’ Appear

The numbers and types of Frankenstein tanks – so called because they are made by stitching together diverse spare parts – are indicative of how badly Russian weapon stocks have now been degraded.

Before ending his life, Putin is likely going to give his last order: a revenge attack, not necessarily nuclear, but serious enough to cause problems for the world. How can I be so sure?

Well, it’s common knowledge there are plenty of parallels between Putin and Hitler. In his final act of revenge, the Nazi-German dictator ordered the destruction of Paris at the end of World War II. Luckily for humanity, General Dietrich Von Choltitz disobeyed the madman’s order.

Or so we’re told. A French historian claims it’s just a myth to stroke the German general’s ego. Whatever the case, Von Choltitz is remembered today as the general who saved Paris.

Will there be a Von Choltitz in Putin’s inner circle to disobey the Russian lunatic’s order to unleash hell on the world? We’ll have to wait and see.

When the Freedom of Russia Legion makes its way to Red Square and overthrows the Kremlin regime, the biggest challenge in the history of humanity will begin. Given how the events are unfolding in Russia, NATO might need to step in and enter Russia as a stabilizing force to preserve its territorial integrity.

Russia breaking up and falling into chaos isn’t in the world’s interest. Thousands of nuclear warheads can’t just be left without supervision.

I’d hope NATO is going to cooperate with the Freedom of Russia Legion and genuine democratic Russian oppositionists in establishing the new Russia, rather than acting as a purely stabilizing force to secure, maybe even dismantle, the Russian nuclear arsenal. Even China might jump on the opportunity and take over the resources and towns in the Russian Far East.

With Russia emasculated, no one is going to stop China from annexing parts of Russian territory. For that matter, Russian scientists could be forced to work for foreign powers, just like high-ranking German rocket scientists were forced to work for the US after the Second World War.

What do we do with the millions of Russians who are brainwashed by the Z-Cult, particularly with the members of the Yunarmiya, Putin’s Young Army? If they are as fanatical as Hitlerjugend, they will fight to the death for the collapsing regime. And most of these young Z-zealots will likely die.

Will Russian oligarchs living large in Dubai, Paris and LA help rebuild their country? What role will Russians freed from Putin’s prisons play in the transformation of their country?

The list of emerging issues is going to be long, and the world won’t be able to just look away this time.

The world will need solutions.

Russia must withdraw from Ukraine, return the stolen children, and pay reparations – yes. But it should be just the beginning of a long list of humiliation and debilitation for Russia. Otherwise, Russia is going to rearm and attack us again, in a few years, with a vengeance.

Do we have what it takes to end the centuries-old Russian saga or do we want a vengeful Russia on our doorstep in a few years?

Whatever course of action we choose as a global community, history is being made right now. Let’s not fail this test nor squander this opportunity.         

The views expressed in this opinion article are the author’s and not necessarily those of Kyiv Post. 

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Jim Hanemaayer
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Russia should be torn apart into smaller pieces. So many oppressed ethnic groups have the right to claim their conquered lands and lives. Reparations should last at least one hundred years with every living Russian, including poor pensioners, paying half their incomes to rebuild Ukraine. All oil and gas should be under Ukraine's control for 100 years and Russia should not allowed a standing army for that 100 year period. All of the elite in and around the Kremlin, including members of the Duma, should face trails at the Hague and hopefully execution. Putin should be taken to the centre of Mariupol, tied to a chair, and then invite 50 grandmothers whose families and homes were destroyed to use knives and sent him off to hell in grand style.
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Blood will flow as these evil men fight over power. It will be a horror that the world will watch.These men don't care about lives they are criminals . Hopefully the partisans will make a difference otherwise Russia is doomed.
Donn ONeill
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Adam, thank you for a great article.
I support
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Well if it does come apart I really don't know the solution.But the Russian people need to see what they have done and see their leaders stand trial for war crimes if possible.

I support
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@I support, that's a big if I know don't think Putin would survive.
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"NATO might need to step in and enter Russia as a stabilizing force to preserve its territorial integrity"

Errrr, no. The Russian "Federation" is an empire. Preserving it and the conquered territories is plain wrong and arises from the muddled thinking that follows fear of nuclear weapons.

As long as the Russian Empire continues, it will always re-arm and invadxe its neighbours.

NATO countries (note: not NATO itself) must enter to secure nukes and prevent Chinese land-grab, but it must allow and fragmentation to occur along historic lines.

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Should have read:

"... and allow ANY fragmentation to occur along historic lines"
Adam Borowski
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@Cjris, Thanks for your comment and food for thought.